The Leather Shop Palm Wallet Review – $120

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The Leather Shop handcrafts quality leather products; marketing their products under the Moose brand in their online store. They make wallets, bags, belts and cases – Handmade in the USA, from American leather. In this review, we are going to look at the Palm Wallet which is in their series of stitchless wallets and a sister to the Rivet Wallet).

The Palm Wallet by the Leather Shop
The Leather Shop is a collection of craftsmen working in Georgetown section of Seattle. In two previous episodes, I have already discussed why Georgetown is a great place to find craftsman arts (here and here). It is only natural you should find the Leather Shop in Georgetown.


The Palm Wallet is made from a single piece of leather. This is why it is stitch-less. There are six brass rivets that hold the wallet together in strategic stress locations. The top folds down and tucks behind a leather strap – which is not part of the one-piece construction. The leather is thick and firm and the edges have been burnished. This is an important point because, so often, small wallets are made from thin leather and the edges go unburnished; but it is in the details like these that set the quality of the work produced by the Leather Shop above the average.

It has three compartments. At first, I was disappointed my business cards did not fit in the front compartment. But credit and gift cards fit well in the front and there is room for a dozen business cards in the back compartment. It is no harder to pull business cards from the back as it is to remove gift cards from the front. So, it works out fine. The middle compartment is big: while you may have a difficult time stuffing power tools in it, it is large enough to carry a lot of hardware, change or, as in my case, more department store and gift cards.
You can pack the Palm Wallet full and it still fits well in the pocket


The Palm Wallet carries a lot of stuff. Right now in my wallet, I carry thirteen gift and department store cards, a CDL medical certificate, ten one-dollar federal reserve notes, two papers with notes, a spare truck key and a dozen business cards – and I could probably squeeze a couple more credit or gift cards in if needed. I always carry a lot of stuff but you won’t convince me to carry a man purse. The Palm Wallet is as close to a man purse as you will ever get me.
Palm Wallet instead of man purse

You might be wondering where I carry my driver’s license: in the Rivet Wallet, I carry my driver’s license, five credit and gift cards and a wad of federal reserve notes. The Rivet Wallet and the Palm Wallet make a complementary duo that fit well together in the front pocket. Between the two, I always have room to save a receipt or stuff a note for later. Or, maybe one of these days the Leather Shop will come out with the Mega Wallet that will hold more than the Palm Wallet and the Rivet Wallet put together.
the Palm and Rivet Wallets Together


The Palm Wallet comes in a nice black box with the company logo in white. The box is nice enough to be a gift box and I think the idea is that the wallet will make a nice gift.

When writing about the Rivet Wallet, I wrote, “It has a profile that is slim and smooth and it feels comfortable in the hand or the pocket…” At the time, I did not know the Leather Shop’s website described the Palm Wallet as “comfortable in the hand.” But it is true: the Rivet Wallet is comfortable in the hand and the Palm Wallet is even more so as it fills the hand and in that respect, one could say it is the ergonomic model.
The Palm Wallet and the Rivet Wallet

The wallet in this review is yellow. Other colors available are blue, green, red and black. The design is simple and utilitarian – the Leather Shop describes it as minimalistic. While it is not bling, it is pleasing to the eye. The wallet looks strong and healthy and you know it is made for life. The PalmWallet is 4.25 inches wide by 2.75 inches tall by 1.25 inches deep. Big – but not fat.


It is the conclusion of this writer the Leather Shop produces fine goods that can be trusted to last a long time – and in the case of their wallets, a life-long time. If you are looking for something to carry the bare minimum while you go out on the town – this one might be too big. But if you are looking for a wallet that will hold a lot of stuff – the Palm Wallet will handle the task. The Palm Wallet holds more than any other small wallet I have tested. It looks good and feels good – and it goes well with the Rivet Wallet. The product is good.
The Palm Wallet by the Leather Shop


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