The best leather furniture for every room

Leather furniture is on the rise among current interior design trends, and for good reason. Leather can be used in almost any design style, from casual to luxury, from farmhouse to sophisticated study. Leather can be incorporated into almost every room in your home in some fashion. 

Leather furniture is much more affordable now than it has been in the past, but it can still be tempting to choose a cheaper faux leather for your furnishings. Faux leather has a lot of drawbacks, including the fact that it is less durable and harder to repair. 

Here are some of the ways you can use leather furniture in every room of your home.

Dining room

Leather nailhead dining chairs give your dining room an air of sophistication without being too elegant or flashy. You can get leather dining chairs with and without arms, sometimes within the same collection, so that you can put together the right dining set for you. Polish off the look with a leather-accented table runner or centerpiece.

Living rooms, family rooms, studies, and dens

Even if you don’t have a family room, study, or den, you undoubtedly have a living room. And, as you would suspect, this is the home design category where you will have the most options. Chairs, sofas, loveseats, sectionals, and accent chairs all come in a variety of leather designs suitable for any interior. Leather gaming chairs can be used in the living room, family room, or in the office as an executive chairs. Armchairs with leather cushioned seats and backs fit well in the aesthetic of a traditional library or study.

One of the advantages of having leather furniture in these rooms is that leather is easy to mix and match from room to room. As such, you can choose from individual pieces rather than an entire furniture collection. Doing so,  as well as hitting the clearance sections, will get you the best deals for these larger leather furniture options.

Master bedroom and guest bedrooms

If you want to give a room a traditional but rustic feel, choosing a leather upholstered headboard can go a long way toward giving the room that aesthetic. Typically, leather headboards are in the nail head style, with gold or copper-colored nail heads visible as part of the design. You can also get bedroom benches of the same style, as well as other cheap house furniture for sale. If you go with a tufted leather cushioned bench, look at options for storage benches that offer some added versatility to the room.


The nailhead style is popular in the kitchen as well, especially when it comes to leather furniture. You can get leather barstools for use with your kitchen island or breakfast bar, giving the area a bit more sophistication. A leather storage bench is a great addition to your kitchen, or to the area just outside it. Not only will you have an extra seat when needed, you can store some items that you don’t use as often within, out of sight but within reach.

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