Turek Leather Works Hennepin Wallet Review – $89

We are privileged to experience many wallets here at BestLeather. One thing I’ve learned from reviewing so many is that often a very simple design can be the most pleasant to use, and Turek Leather Work’s Hennepin wallet is a great example of this. Made with Horween Chormexcel, the Hennepin is great to the touch and is a great option for a front-pocket wallet.

Turek Leather Works is based in Illinois, making all their products right here in the USA. They name their products after legendary explorers and adventurers. The Hennepin is named after Louis Hennepin, known for his exploration of interior America in the 17th century. In a small way following its namesake, the Hennepin wallet was designed for those venturing towards the new trend of front pocket wallets.

Handmade with Horween’s famous Chromexcel leather, the Hennepin is very soft to the touch and feels great in your hands. At the same time, the leather is a good thickness and durability isn’t an issue. The thick thread is saddle stitched and expertly done with no irregularities.

Functionally there’s not any surprises. Four card slots that can handle about two cards each and a “hidden” pocket behind them. The slots are all easy to use, and this wallet works well with as much or as little as you need. I’d say the only small glitch is that the softness of the chromexcel and the stitches along the top edge occasionally cause a snag when I’m pulling cards in and out of the back pockets.

The two things that make the Hennepin stand out to me the most are the aesthetic and the “feel” of using it.

Visually, it’s a pleasure. The Chromexcel shows just enough of its distinct marbling texture on the outside to give a sort of mysterious, deep look. On the inside the coveted Horween stamp! The color of the thread stands out yet compliments the brown of the leather.

It’s can be hard to describe the “feel” of a product, but here goes. First, the Hennepin has a good weight distribution. It’s nice and easy to flip open and closed. Also, Chromexcel has a soft yet sturdy feel in your hands. The size and thickness is just right to grip and pull in and out of your pockets. The bottom line is that the Hennepin is the kind of wallet that puts a smile on your face when you get to use it.

The look and feel are great, handmade construction is impeccable, and Horween’s Chromexcel never fails to satisfy. The price point is on par for the caliber of this wallet, and I highly recommend the Turek Leather Works Hennepin wallet.


Whenever someone shows me a small leather company, I am immediately interested. Many times I find some of the most gorgeous and well-made products from these small companies. Turek Leather Works has continued this interest with their handy and affordable Horween Front Pocket Wallet.

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Robert Turek believes in handmade, high quality, long lasting, affordable goods. Based in rural Illinois, Turek Leather Works was established in 2014 and is a fresh new leather company born from “love and passion for elegant style” and proves these beliefs by crafting some gorgeous goods out of Horween leathers – one of the oldest tanneries in the United States. As we will see from the review, this is one of the nicest handmade Horween front pocket wallets I’ve seen at this price point.

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The rich Dark Brown Horween Chromexcel leather is so beautiful, and when bent shows some light pull-up in the leather that disappears after a short time. Its aroma will make you smile. Each piece is hand cut, and then hand burnished and slicked to ensure a finished and smooth edge. For the stitching, it’s all done by hand using the saddle stitch method to provide unrivaled durability. The wallet they sent me was certainly up to the standards they claim to stand behind. Please visit Turek Leather Works’ website for detailed information on their production process.

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This wallet is quite handy. When all I have to do is open it up and take out whatever I need, it makes life so easy. Keep in mind this is more of a minimal wallet designed for your front pocket, so it will hold what you need but probably not a whole lot more than that. After breaking the wallet in a little, I managed six to seven cards on one side and ten to twelve folded bills on the other side. The wallet will easily slide into your pants, even if they are on the tighter side.

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If you are someone like me and appreciate minimal and simplistic designs that get the job done, look no further. Being only 2.5” wide and 4.5” high when folded, Turek did a great job of creating a sleek little wallet to hold your essentials. I’ve gotten nothing but compliments about it.

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The Horween Chromexcel 2 Pocket Bifold Front Pocket Wallet has definitely impressed me with its sleek and minimal look, high quality construction, and excellent price point. The wallet is available to purchase from Turek Leather Works’ website and buyers can choose from several different thread options. Be sure to check out their other great looking selection of handmade goods. Robert Turek has also provided a 10% discount to the readers of this review. Just enter the code: BESTLEATHER at checkout.

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