The Goods Nota Bene – $120

As much as I love technology, there’s just something about writing things down that is so helpful. I’ve tried to take advantage of countless digital calendars, notepads, and productivity apps, but nothing compares to a trusty notebook. The Nota Bene from The Goods is a small, stylish notebook cover that aims to keep you organized the old-fashioned way.

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About The Goods

The Goods is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand that creates essentials for the modern man. Their product line is full of simple, sophisticated products for stylish people on the go. Founded in 2013, The Goods keeps things minimalist, selling only a few products on their website. Their product line has gradually expanded to include home goods and sunglasses, but their main focus is on electronics covers and everyday carry items.

The Goods is actually home to one of my favorite products I’ve reviewed here on BestLeather, which I am constantly evangelizing about. It’s a MacBook cord case they call The Loop. Check it out! 

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The Nota Bene is constructed with the same thick black vegetable-tanned leather as the rest of The Goods’ product line, and lined with suede. It is a very simple design with two card slots on the left side, and a notebook slot and a triangle shaped pen holder on the right. It measures in around 4″ x 7″ x 2″ and holds a small (3.5″ x 5.5″) Moleskine notebook or a regular Field Notes notebook if you are looking for something thinner and lighter. The bottom extends out a little further, allowing the user to access the pen without unsnapping the entire notebook cover.

The Goods Nota Bene 4The Goods Nota Bene 2

The card holders are great for holding business cards and other little notes from meetings. It’s a great little tool for writing down thoughts on-the-go or in meetings. The black snap is sleek and sturdy. I appreciate having a snap closure because I like to tuck little papers in the pages of my notebooks and this way nothing falls out.

The Goods Nota Bene 6


As to be expected from The Goods, the Nota Bene has a beautiful, sleek style. It fits in perfectly with the rest of the product line and looks sharp with The Loop and The Crew which are breaking in nicely. The black leather is a nice matte color that looks at home in both business and casual settings.

The Goods Nota Bene 7


The Nota Bene is a sleek, attractive accessory that I’ve found myself carrying with me nearly every day. It’s made in the USA with high-quality materials and will outlast many, many notebooks. It fits in very nicely with their sleek product line and looks great as a matching set.

The Goods LA – The Hit & The Clique Review – $80 & $25

We always mention that we see a lot of wallets here at, but it’s true. We see A LOT of wallets. So it’s always fun to see one that stands out a little bit or has a slightly different look. The Goods, based in LA, definitely has a unique offering with The Hit. Let’s take a look at it.

The Goods The Hit The Clique 8
Top notch packaging



The Goods is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand that creates essentials for the modern man. Their product line is full of simple, sophisticated products for stylish people on the go. Founded in 2013, The Goods keeps things minimalist, selling only a few products on their website, all of which will be reviewed here on Best Leather. I recently reviewed The Loop, an awesome Macbook cord keeper that I adore, and The Crew, an earbud holder. Today I’ll be reviewing The Hit, their wallet, and The Clique, a key ring.

The Goods The Hit The Clique 1


The wallet, known as The Hit, is made in the USA, of 5 oz. black veg-tanned leather. The dimensions of the wallet are 4″ x 2.75″ x 0.375″.  This is a very very thin wallet, less than half an inch thick, holding up to four credit cards/IDs and a few bills.

The Goods The Hit The Clique 4


There are three distinct pouches, one of which is divided all the way across the top and the other with a little tab for quick access to your cards without looking. Each divider is a piece of cowhide leather lined on one side with black dyed snakeskin. This gives a very cool offset texture, but the snakeskin has started to peel off a little bit at the top. The rest of the wallet has held up quite well, but you have to be pretty careful with your cards so as not to peel off the snakeskin.

The Goods The Hit The Clique 3

The Goods The Hit The Clique 2


The keyring, the Clique, is also constructed in the USA, of 6 oz black veg-tanned leather. It’s a small stainless steel jailer-style keyring attached to a leather case with an elastic loop. You attach your keys to the ring and The Clique holds your keys straight so they don’t create a bulge in your pocket.

The Goods The Hit The Clique 5

I liked The Clique at first because of the way it held my keys snug, but I ended up taking it off after a while. I found that the jailer-style ring kept coming undone with pressure from my heavy front door and all my keys would fall off. If it had a split ring or some kind of locking mechanism, I think it would stay much more secure. If you have fairly lightweight doors or use a remote control, I think this particular keyring would be a lot more functional. Just keep in mind that the weight of a heavy door might pop open the ring if you’re not careful. I noticed that The Goods recently added a new product, The Clip, which features a 1-inch CLASH hook and looks quite a bit sturdier than The Clique.


The Goods The Hit The Clique 6


The Hit is a really sleek wallet. The snakeskin lining makes for a unique texture that I haven’t seen on any other wallet. If you rarely use cash and only carry around a few cards, this wallet is the perfect size because it keeps a low profile in your pocket and holds everything snug. The front pouch holds a few folded bills easily. The Clique definitely looks cool on your keys with the matte black leather, and when you pair it with the wallet and headphone wrap, you feel pretty fancy. These two products, though, The Hit & The Clique, are a bit more style than substance, especially compared to the other products, The Loop and The Crew. They look fantastic, but I think a bit of refining is in order. Looking forward to seeing what The Goods do next, because they have a great aesthetic.

The Goods LA – The Loop & The Crew Review – $75

My MacBook Pro has been my trusty sidekick for over four years now. It comes with me to school, to work, to the coffee shop, on vacation – pretty much everywhere. I love my MacBook. The cord, not so much. It gets wrapped up in my books and forces me to take everything out of my bag just to untangle everything. It’s a major first-world problem, but it does get annoying to have to wrangle a cord five times a day. Thankfully, The Goods felt my pain and sent me a few products to try and ease my suffering.

The Goods The Crew The Loop 5

The Goods is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand that creates essentials for the modern man. Their product line is full of simple, sophisticated products for stylish people on the go. Founded in 2013, The Goods keeps things minimalist, selling only four products on their website, all of which will be reviewed here on Best Leather. Today I’ll be reviewing The Loop, a Macbook cord keeper, and The Crew, an earbud holder.

The Goods The Crew The Loop 9



The Loop is made from 7 oz veg-tanned cowhide, dyed a rich black. The Crew is 5 oz. cowhide. Both are very durable and have withstood daily use with no signs of wear. The pouch on the Loop is single-stitched and fits the MacBook adapter nice and snug. Both pieces use sturdy stainless steel snaps to keep your cords fastened.

The Goods The Crew The Loop 7


I am generally skeptical of organizational gadgets. Most of the time they take up more time than they save and end up becoming a nuisance. So I decided to take The Loop and The Crew down the street to my local bakery for a test run. My interest was instantly piqued by the sleek packaging and the fact that everything was all black.

The Goods The Crew The Loop 8

There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to using The Loop. The Goods put together some instructional images on their website as a guide. First, you wrap up the small part of the cord around the plastic hooks attached to the adapter, and then you slide this part into the square pouch. Then you wrap the rest of the cord up and fasten it into place with the buttons on the strap. It might sound complicated, but once you get the hang of it, it takes no time at all.

The Goods The Crew The Loop 10

The Crew is fairly self-explanatory, but you can also check out some instructional images on their website too. You wrap the earbuds around the center part of The Crew and then close it up with the two snaps. I like this design better than other headphone holders because the cord isn’t exposed as much and there’s really no way for it to come undone.

The Goods The Crew The Loop 3


The Crew and The Loop won me over with their unique design and functionality. They definitely don’t fall into the cheesy organizer category. I’ve used them every single day since I received them. They are sleek little accessories that save you both the time and frustration of untangling cords, and save space in your bag because they wrap everything up so compactly. The Loop is only $60, The Crew is $25, and you can get them both for $75, aptly named The Combo. If you’re a MacBook user, these pieces are a must-have accessory. It’s a great price, unique construction, and will last longer than your Macbook does.