Southwind Leather Two Slot Cardholder Review – $34

Wallets are everywhere and they’re made from just about every type of material known to man. So, what’s the deal with highlighting yet another wallet here on BestLeather? Well, we keep finding unique ones that stand out for one reason or another. Such is the case with the Two Slot Cardholder from Southwind Leather.


About Southwind Leather

Southwind Leather, based in the United Kingdom, is the progeny of Dan Mroz. Dan hails from the southern part of England and has been fully immersed in leather crafting since 2012. BestLeather featured one of his excellent Bridle Leather Belts not that long ago.

All of Dan’s pieces are hand cut and hand sewn – he does not use any machines in the production of his crafts.


The Southwind Two Slot Cardholder received for testing features french buffalo calfskin in an attractive shade of color called rosewood. The leather is really incredible – super thin, tight grained, yet supple and looks to offer many years of wear. It also has a slightly waxy finish that offers up a luxurious sheen.


The two slot cardholder is an appealing piece. In a not close up view, it looks fantastic. When you get up close and examine it though, it’s apparent that it’s handmade. This appearance can elicit two contrasting reactions: initially there will be those folks who will downplay it because the stitching isn’t perfectly even and the leather isn’t trimmed proportionally on both sides while others will look at this and appreciate it for just those same features, which quickly identify it as totally handmade.



This is not a large wallet at all. It’s very small to be exact. I have found myself using this exclusively for “date nights” with my wife. When we go out, I only need a couple of cards on me: my debit card, a credit card, my license, and some cash. So, in that role, it functions perfectly. I would be hard pressed to use it daily, as I just simply can’t fit everything in it. I don’t think I’d try to carry more than 5, maybe 6 cards total in it. If you’re a true minimalist, this might be just the wallet for you. The Southwind Leather Two Slot Cardholder is also an excellent business card holder. It will hold about 10-12 business cards easily between the two slots.


In the role I’ve assigned to it, it’s splendid. It’s got a great feel to it. I often find myself just fiddling with it because of the calfskin leather’s feel. I’d be a happy man if I could get a chair made with this leather…wow, that would feel great!


I’ve been on somewhat of a journey with the way this little wallet looks. When it came out of the box the first time, my initial reaction was, “wow, it’s great”. Then, I looked at it a little closer. The stitching and the uneven trim caught my eye and became a turn off. Now, I look at it and think, wow…that’s some small stitching and it’s all done by hand…I’m impressed and could never come close to doing that myself.”


I appreciate what Dan has created here and think it’s a solid little piece. I’m sure as Dan continues to refine his craft that his stitching will get even better. Leatherwork is a journey and skills take time to be sharpened and refined. And, I’m okay with that. What I have is a uniquely crafted piece of uber-quality leather molded into a useful little wallet that I get to enjoy every time I take my wife out or attend a more formal function where I don’t want to carry a full sized wallet.



As mentioned earlier, the Southwind Leather Two Slot Cardholder is a pretty small option to serve as an every day wallet (unless you are a hardcore minimalist). But, I believe that it is a great contender for a more formal, special occasion wallet. It’s fashioned from some really luxurious leather and it’s 100% handmade. At $34, it’s not going to break your budget either…so, you’ll definitely have a few bucks to fold up and put into it. And while you’re putting it in your Southwind Leather Two Slot Cardholder, you’ll enjoy the feel of that awesome leather too.

*Dan is also offering a great special right now exclusively to BestLeather readers (thank you Dan). Use this code, SPECIAL 10, during checkout on his site and you’ll receive 10% off of your entire purchase. Enjoy!

Southwind Leather Bridle Leather Belt Review – $58

A belt or two, as many of us know, is an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. Whether it is a less expensive one for work to just hold up your jeans or a more casual/ dressier one for the office or outing, a belt adds a lot to the overall attire. When buying a belt there are a few factors most have in mind. The strength of the belt- to withstand the test of time and stretching. The color-to go with a chosen pair of pants or shirt. The style-to fit with the theme, dress, and look of person wearing it. Southwind Leather of England captures all three of these issues and makes beautiful hand crafted bridle leather belts from the finest and strongest materials ensuring a sturdy and stylish product thats not only built to last but meant to look better with age.



Owner Dan Mroz started working with leather in 2012. His hobby of making something tangible and useful turned into a business selling fine leather goods such as belts, cellphone cases, and wallets.

This belt is constructed with full grain leather sourced from J & FJ Baker and Co. tannery in England.  J & FJ Baker is the last known tannery in England that uses a traditional method of oak bark tanning. The addition of the oak bark in the tanning process makes way for a stronger fiber and leather grain while keeping the leather lighter in weight which makes it a fine leather for boots and belts.

The leather is thinner at the edges (4mm) and thicker in the center (5.5mm). The belt is one strip of leather and is smooth and shiny on the front side with a more rough and natural finish on the edges and back side. The sticking is hand stitched using waxed Irish linen cord. The hardware is solid brass.







This is a fine belt. The color, London Tan, is a light, warm and rich tone that looks great alongside denim and allows the belt to really pop. The simple yet elegant minimalist design showcases the leather and the beautiful color. Out of the box, I was surprised to find how light and less stiff it was compared to other full grain leather belts I have owned. The brass has a nice weathered and antique look and feel that complements the leather and the design without being to shiny or heavy. Lastly, the stitching was a nice touch as well. The white brings the leather color and the brass together nicely and is neither too much or too little. I really like how there is just a small amount of stitching near the buckle rather than the whole length of the belt. This really adds to the handmade feel of this piece and the art. there are a good amount of standard belts on the market that have similar color stitching that is less noticeable. It is clear that Dan chose these three colors and materials to compliment each other rather than one or two to be either unnoticeable or overdone.



When buying a belt obviously an key thing to note is the sizing. Here in the United States most are accustomed to buying a belt according to their pant waist size. Dan suggested that I use a tape measure to measure my waist in inches to get a more accurate fit. Upon receiving the belt, however, I was slightly disappointed that the belt was actually a tad too large for me. My suggestion would be to either go with a length of a belt you already own and are happy with or the measurement of your pant size.

BestLeather Conclusion

After using the belt for a solid month I can already see it wearing, stretching and getting some lovely aging marks. This is a belt that will look better with age for sure. At first I was concerned that the color wouldn’t go with anything since my belt buying habits have always been to lean towards darker brown and black. I was pleasantly surprised on how much I like this color and am now considering other leather goods in a similar tone. I appreciate the simple design as it is not overdone with too many stitches or rivets. It is simple and elegant and lets the materials and craftsmanship shine. Check it out here.

Dan was also kind enough to offer a 10% to BestLeather readers. Mention the code: ‘SPECIAL10’ when shopping on the Southwind Leather site.