Popov Toiletry Bag Review – $89

A lot of people might see a toiletry bag, or the ‘Dopp kit’ as it’s often called, as a luxury item. After all, what does it really do that a simple Ziploc can’t? And there’s truth to that. But, like a lot of leather products, utility isn’t the only value these bags offer. In this case, I think a great dopp kit shows how much a man cares about the stuff he’s traveling with, wether it be his suit or his toothbrush.

When I got the opportunity to review Toiletry Bag from Popov Leather, I knew I was in for a treat. I’ve gotten the chance to use it over a couple of weekends now and I think it’s a great item. The simple design and beautiful leather make the bag worth every penny.

The handle is made of Bridle leather from Wickett and Craig

Before I start with the details, I think it’s worthwhile to share some brief history about these bags. The term ‘Dopp kit’ first appeared in the early 1900’s. The bags were originally produced by Charles Doppelt, a German leather maker and designer. Soon after, the US military adopted the style and produced them for soldiers, so they could quickly store and access small hygiene and personal items. After World War II, the bag started gaining popularity among the general population. Now, let’s get into the bag.


Like the other pieces I’ve seen from Popov leather, the design of the kit is pretty straightforward. As best as I can tell, the bag only uses four separate pieces of leather. The body is composed of two cuts of Chromexcel, with the edges and seams folded and sewn on the inside. There’ss a single loop sitting on one side, cut from the same leather. On the opposite side is a handle that extends along the width of the kit. As I suspected, Ryan confirmed that the handle is made of Bridle leather from Wicket and Craig, and is noticeably thicker than the rest of the bag.

One of the most notable features of the dopp kit is that the leather has an incredibly soft temper, which I found to be convenient. It’s firm enough to hold its shape when sitting (mostly due to the folds, stitching, and zipper). But if you need to stuff it into a packed suitcase, it’ll bend and curve as needed. Overall, the bag keeps a good balance between weight and functionality.


Hopefully, the accompanying pictures are doing their job here. The color of the kit I received is called “English Tan Derby,” which is a fantastic blend of brown tones. As you can tell, the highs and lows provide the bag with some texture. The inward facing folds give the bag a clean look – the only visible stitching on the exterior runs parallel to the zipper, giving it a sleek border.


The Toiletry Bag from Popov Leather is a great buy. It has a simple design and build, and just enough character to stand out. I don’t expect everyone to go out and buy a dopp kit, but I do think anyone can appreciate it. As I mentioned earlier, keeping your most mundane items enveloped in an elegant piece of leather is a simple way to express your care and class.

Popov Leather Card Holder Review – $35

My interest in handmade leather products started just about a year ago when I finished my summer internship. I had a nice chunk of savings and wanted to treat myself to a small gift. After thinking of what I could use, I decided on a new wallet. I found Popov leather after just a few minutes of googling and I was hooked.

Ryan’s site was really an eye-opener for me- it helped me learn about all the pieces that make up quality leather and handmade wallets. It led me to purchasing my own card holder from them, and I absolutely love it to this day. I would honestly encourage you to go through the site and watch some of his videos to learn more about leather products and how they’re made. For now, let’s talk about the Leather Card Holder  in Driftwood.


The card holder, like many others, is a vertical minimalist wallet with 3 pockets. The basic build is simple: two pieces of leather are cut out, folded over, and sewn shut. Great design often does the most with the least, and this card holder is no exception. But the truth is the devil is in the details here.

All the wallets at Popov are hand sewn with Tiger Thread, forming a tight seal that will stand the test of time. The leather they use for this product is Horween’s full-grain chromexcel, a durable hide which will give your wallet a great patina as you continue to use it. Finally, all the edges are burnished and polished to complete the look and feel.

Popov stitching is done with Tiger Thread and is hand sewn

The driftwood color is almost like a light brown, so a pretty neutral tone that can go with almost anything. In the short time I’ve had it, however, the leather has already begun to darken quite a bit. It goes well with the red stitching version Ryan sent me, but there are plenty of styles between the leathers and threads to match your personal taste.


I’ve been using the card holder for almost 4 weeks at this point, and I can faithfully say that it allows me to carry all the essentials. I keep four credit cards in the main pocket, which were admittedly tight in the beginning (allow some time for the leather to expand). My wallet usually has a few bills in the front part of the wrap-around, while my ID and registration sit in the back.

If you’re already a minimalist wallet enthusiast, I would definitely recommend this piece. Everything I mentioned above is held tightly in the wallet- it takes some serious shaking to get cards to fall out. Since the whole wallet has an open design, removing items is always quick and easy.

The Card Holder has a razor thin profile


I’ll admit that this review is somewhat biased. Would you expect a completely honest review from a car enthusiast about the first car he got as an 18 year old kid? But here’s what you can know for certain: the Leather Card Holder from Popov leather is made with quality leather and stitching. It’s all put together and detailed by hand in their British Columbia shop. And at just $35, there are few comparable handmade products available at this price.

Popov Leather Wallets Review – $35-$60

The market for buying well-made, unique, and durable wallets has exploded over the past three to four years, but that sweet spot of incredible quality and incredible value is still hard to find. Although many companies have tried to hit it, Popov Leather is one of the few who have really pulled it off. Ryan and Jill started their small operation out of Victoria BC, Canada in 2013 with the goal of making quality, minimalist wallets and have been hitting that mark ever since.

Popov 1

I had the chance to test out four wallets from Popov Leather and each one is spectacular. One thing that I simply can’t get over is the overall value of these wallets. Each one is handcrafted and finished in a similar fashion to products from much pricier outfits. I usually don’t gush over a product, but these wallets are certainly deserving of it.


Every single Popov Leather wallet is made with the two of the most trusted names in the business: Horween Leather and Tiger thread. By using these two brands and putting them together with expert care, the people at Popov Leather complete the trifecta of the ideal no-nonsense leather good.

I expected to see a few stitches out of line simply because of the price, but Ryan and Jill have really taken time and care in creating these wallets. They even burnish the edges to a smooth finish! Included with each piece is a lifetime guarantee, but I seriously doubt anyone will ever have to cash in on it after testing out their wallets.

Popov 3


Chromexcel Traditional Billfold Wallet – $60

Popov 4

This wallet does everything to highlight the company’s mission of providing incredible value to their customers. It has great construction, beautiful finish, and an unbelievable price for it all. As for function, it performs just as I would expect a billfold to. There are four card pockets and a single, large bill pocket. Like all new, full-grain leather wallets it took a week or two of use to get loosened up to the point where the cards slid in and out easily. Some might be put off by the lack of lining, but I actually find it to be better for a wallet since it keeps the thickness down.

Popov 5

Chromexcel Leather Card Holder – $35

Popov 8

I love this particular style of wallet. Although it’s called a card holder, it really can function as a complete wallet due to the three pockets which can be used for both cards and cash. I think it is for this reason that it become a relatively popular design among leather companies. It’s small enough to easily slide into the front pocket without making it noticeable and the way the outside piece of leather holds everything together guarantees a snug fit for everything its carrying.

Popov 6
Popov 7

If you are worried that you may not be able to carry everything in it, let me give a bit of perspective. I was able to fit five cards and about $50 into it comfortably. You may be able to cram another card or two into it, but if you carry that many you may want to go with the billfold.

Chromexcel Leather Passport Case – $50

Popov 9

This is probably my favorite wallet out of the bunch. Even though it may be a bit too long for everyday use, I love it because it’s everything you need for international travel without any extras. Many passport wallets I’ve seen are either too thick or try to add more than what I would typically use on a trip. Popov, instead gives just two slots for cards, a nice wide pocket for all types of bills and tickets, and sleeve for your passport. Everything is contained in a slim package that can slip into the back pocket with only a little peeking out the top.

Popov 10

If you’re not a world traveler but want an all-in-one checkbook and wallet, you can modify it a bit to fit a sleeve of checks into the space intended for the passport. Either way, for $50 this wallet is a steal.

Chromexcel Fields Note Cover – $40

Popov 11

I’ve never been one for note taking but Popov’s notebook case really has me wanting to start. The construction is almost identical to the Passport case and functions very similarly. There is a sleeve for the notebook and another sleeve for any other papers you would want to carry around. Also like the passport case, this notebook is pretty easy to fit in pant pockets and will fit into a pack without much notice. The one thing I wish it had was a pen holder. I realize that Popov Leather strives to for minimalism, and it does so beautifully, but a pen slot would be awesome and really add to the functionality of this piece. Even with the lack of a place to put a pen the notebook cover is still a great buy.

Popov 12


As I have said repeatedly, these wallets are incredibly attractive. Popov has created some of the best looking wallets I have seen. They are not particularly unique in design or looks, but they are simply elegant. Depending on the color you choose, the wallets would look just as at home with a suit as they would with a pair of jeans. The style is timeless and will look just as good in 50 years as it did the day it came off the bench.

Popov 13

Ryan and Jill have used minimal amounts of stitching, leaving the leather to really shine in all its glory. It’s very apparent that they take pride in their wallets because the finishing work is top notch. All of the edges are burnished and smoothed to create a simple, clean look while still retaining the rugged handsomeness I appreciate. Popov also offers monograming for only $5 additional on all products to provide that personal touch and identity that many people appreciate.

Popov 12


If there is one word to describe Popov Leather, it would be “value”. No other company that I have seen has provided so much for such a reasonable price. As I have said before, I usually don’t gush over products that I review, but I still can’t get over the quality of material, craftsmanship, and design that Popov gives at this price. If you are in the market for a new wallet, or need gift ideas, you need to take a look at Popov. These two truly make a buy-it-for-life product. They are a young company, but have already proven that they know their stuff. I can’t wait to see what else they do in the future.

Popov 14

Check out these wallet and other great gear from Popov Leather here!