Nicks Boots 6″ Roberts Boots Follow Up Review

“Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future…” Dang – was Steve Miller ever spot on with that line! 2015 has moved along at warp speed it seems. It’s hard to believe it’s late October already! So, what does that mean? It is just a sign that I’m behind on some follow up reviews. So, here goes an update on my awesome 6″ Roberts Boots from Nick Boots.


These boots rock. There. I’m done.

Seriously, they do. But, let me expound a little bit. I’ve been wearing my Roberts for a little more than a year now. As I mentioned in my first review, the folks at Nicks Boots state that it takes 80-100 hour of using the boots to get them properly broken in. Since getting past that break in, these boots have become more and more comfortable with time and use. At this point, they are completely ‘molded’ to my feet and are definitely an all day boot. These are not lightweight boots. And, the heel is substantial too. But, that “legendary arch” works its magic and comfort rules.


I did remove the decorative tongue insert. It’s just a personal preference – I like the way the boots look without them. These boots look fantastic and show virtually no wear whatsoever. That’s not for a lack of wear either. I’ve used these boots consistently this past year wearing them at least once, twice, or more almost every week.

It does take time to get a pair measured specifically for your feet. But, the time is well worth it along with the financial investment. The return is a pair of boots that you will continue to feel better on your feet each time you slip them on and are easy to maintain as far as keeping up their appearance. If you’re shopping for boots north of the $400 price point ($439 to be exact), you should definitely consider going the custom route with a beautiful, hard wearing pair of Roberts from Nicks Boots. If you’re in a rush, you can order a pair of stock built 6″ Roberts for $429. Personally, I’d spend the paltry $10 more and get a pair made specifically for my feet.