Hanwag Men’s Tashi Boots Review – $425

How many times have you heard someone say, “well, my boots are made from yak leather”? I can honestly say that, before this year, I didn’t know anything about yak leather. But now…not only do I KNOW about yak leather – I have a pair of awesome yak leather hiking boots from an great company called Hanwag.


About Hanwag

This is the second feature from Hanwag here on BestLeather. Recently we published a review on a pair of hiking boots for ladies, which you can read here.

Hanwag is a German company that’s been around since 1911. They have a strong following throughout Europe and are seeing the brand successfully grow in the United States now. They’re dedicated to environmentally friendly processes, sustainable processes, and producing high quality products.



As mentioned earlier, the Tashi Boots are made with Tibetan yak leather. The chrome free yak leather features an eco-friendly, sustainable technology used during manufacturing process. The leather is 2.2 to 2.6 millimeters thick. This leather is sourced exclusively from the Lhasa Leather Factory in Tibet.

"The Yak" by Nadeemmushtaque - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:The_Yak.jpg#/media/File:The_Yak.jpg
“The Yak” by Nadeemmushtaque

Quick rabbit trail: Yaks are hardy animals that thrive in their normal 4000 meter, relatively barren landscape. The animal provides many benefits to its owners over its lifetime. When the yak’s hide is tanned into leather, it has a naturally raw texture, not uniform at all. This gives each Tashi Boot a unique character.

The boots are double stitched, feature a rugged resoleable Vibram sole, and are handmade In Germany with materials exclusively sourced within Europe.



This is the really fun part. I’ve worn out many different pairs of hiking boots over the years. I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on functionality and performance here. To put it succinctly…these boots rock.


They are comfortable and feel great on your foot. The break-in period is very slight…wear them a few short times around town and then you’re ready to hit the trail. One of the things I noticed about these boots is the shape of the sole. They naturally cause your foot to move properly (pronate…supinate). The soles create a fantastic heel to toe roll, which is ideal for long hikes and exploring on the trail.

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The thickly padded upper is appreciated for comfort, ankle support, and the safety it affords while on the trail. Lacing them up is easy and the one set of speed hooks is set down low, which is ideal and gives you a good pull and keeps your heel firmly in place. Also, the eyelets on the lower portion of the boots actually contain ball bearings…a cool little feature that allows the laces to move easily without wearing them out (it’s the little things, right?). The Tashi Boots are a great all around hiker and will keep your feet comfortable for many miles.



The Hanwag Tashi Boots have a traditional European hiking boot design, which I’ve always found to be pleasing to the eye. The texture of the yak leather is immediately noticeable and very cool. It is definitely unique…and I like it. The dark brown of the leather and the padded upper is a nice departure from the traditional lighter brown of many boots in this style. The interior of the boot is visually appealing too with the light beige colored thin leather lining.


The dark brown yak leather, the thick white stitching on the sole, the rugged Vibram tread…it all makes me feel like trekking through the backcountry of Yosemite again. If only I had the time and resources to run off and do it.



At $425, the Hanwag Tashi Boots are a significant investment. But, if you’re a moderate to serious backpacking or trail hiking enthusiast, you already know that investing in a great pair of boots is the best choice you can make. You won’t go wrong purchasing these boots. They’re a treat for your feet and will continue to keep you moving down the trail for many years to come. And…they’re yak leather! You’ll by far be the coolest person on the trail for sure with these on your feet!


Hanwag Tatra Ladies’ Boots Review – $280

One of the greatest feelings in the world is getting out on the trail and breathing some of that fresh alpine air. But one of the worst feelings is getting halfway up the mountain, realizing you’ve got a blister forming, and knowing that the rest of the hike is going to be agony. That’s why it’s crucial to invest in a nice pair of hiking boots. Hanwag, based in Vierkirchen, Germany, has been making high quality outdoor shoes since 1921. We received a pair of their Tatra Lady boots to review, as well as a pair of Men’s Tashi Boots made with yak leather (keep an eye out for a review coming soon!). My wife immediately snagged up the Tatra Lady boots to test out and wear on a few hikes.

Hanwag Tatra Ladies Boots 8



Hans Wagner opened his boot shop in 1921 in Vierkirchen, Germany, close to Munich. Wagner made a name for himself by producing high quality alpine skiing and touring boots. By the company’s 90th anniversary in 2011, Hanwag had become a staple in the hiking and outdoor sports world.  From their website:

“HANWAG boots and shoes are primarily made in Europe. Only a small number of our components require lengthy transportation. We make approximately 30 per cent of our collection (the double stitched and mountain boots) at our headquarters in Vierkirchen, near Munich. We have further exclusive production facilities in Croatia, Hungary and Romania. Our relatively limited transportation requirements help further minimize our environmental impact.”

Hanwag Tatra Ladies Boots 4


The Tatra boots are crafted with waxed nubuk uppers, lined with leather, and double-stitched onto a Vibram AW Integral sole. The leather is hard and waxy, but not crusty or plastic feeling. The upper, midsole, and insole rib are all genuinely double-stitched– you can see the flange on the edge of the midsole that proves that these boots are constructed extremely sturdily.

Hanwag Tatra Ladies Boots 6

The chunky Vibram AW Integral sole provides great traction while still being flexible enough to maintain a natural gait. Hefty metal shoelace hooks allow for a highly adjustable fit around the ankle, which has a medium-high cut.

Hanwag Tatra Ladies Boots 2


These boots are immediately comfortable upon first wear. The perforated collar is attached to a soft, padded leather lining that keeps the foot stable and avoids rubbing. The insole is padded with Hanwag’s FussKomfort sole, which you can easily substitute or replace. So far, these boots have walked miles without an issue. Paired with a thick pair of wool socks, The Tatra will take you many, many miles in total comfort. They weigh 760 grams/1.7 pounds, which is on the heavier side, but the hefty sole and sturdy construction are worth it.

Hanwag Tatra Ladies Boots 10


The Tatra’s color is what makes this boot model so eye-catching. Hanwag calls the color Aubergine or Eggplant 82, however, in person the boots are really a bit brighter red than they appear on the website. The color is muted enough to be tasteful, yet interesting enough to stand out from the droves of brown hiking boots on the market. The upper has an interesting rounded cut that gives the boot a modern twist. The medium-high cut looks great while maintaining ankle stability. Hanwag Tatra Ladies Boots 1


Hanwag’s Tatra Lady boots are an excellent choice for the frequent hiker. Their stability and expert construction speaks well of Hanwag’s legacy, and their unique aesthetic sets them apart from other similar boots. $280 is a very reasonable price to pay for hiking boots that will last years on the trail. These are boots that you’ll want to take on adventures for years to come.

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