CP Slippers Tan Leather Slipper Review – $31.50

It’s always enjoyable to review an item a bit off the beaten path of leather products, so I jumped at the chance to review CP Slippers Tan Leather Slippers. Simple yet well done in both design and construction, this fine leather footwear is great for cold winter nights around the home.

About CP Slippers

Having lived in Japan for two years and come to love the country and culture, I was thrilled to discover that CP Slipper’s inspiration originated there. During a trip to Japan in 1981, CP Slipper’s founder (grandfather of current owner Oscar) discovered the Japanese tradition of removing shoes at the front entrance and replacing them with slippers. He then began making simple slippers from a single piece of premium leather, and that tradition continues today, over 30 years later.


While incredibly simple, construction of the Tan Leather Slipper is solid. The single piece of soft, Napa calfskin is cut and shaped around a mold before being stitched. Stitching is thick and uniform, well navigated around the somewhat tricky edge created from the mold. Edges aren’t burnished, but are well cut and smooth.


Using nothing but leather for slippers is certainly a unique idea, and it’s both novel and functional in practice. The soft, smooth feeling of the leather on your feet is delightful. Since it’s just a single piece of leather, it molds with your feet quite nicely, and only provides minimal cushion, allowing you to mostly walk naturally with just a hint of added padding. I noticed a slight adjustment in my gait as I adjusted to having them on my feet, but I got used to this. My favorite part is that it keeps your toes warm. It can be too warm, but since it’s just the front of your feet it isn’t too bad.

One thing to expect is that dirt or spills on the floor will absorb and stick pretty easily to the soft leather. If you mostly walk on carpet this likely won’t be as big of an issue. Remember that natural leathers need to be protected from water and cared for.


Like the construction, the look of CP Slipper’s products is very simple. Truthfully, I’ve gotten some funny reactions when others have seen these! I’ve been asked what they are and heard comments about how overly-simple the design is. Personally, as a leather lover, I think they look great. While not a typical design, I know these will mold to my use and develop a great patina. CP Slippers offers several other dyed colors as well.


If you’re a fan of both slippers and leather, you’ll like what CP Slippers has to offer. Your toes will stay warm as you enjoy the soft leather gently protecting your feet. The simple design and construction leaves little to be desired, the price is very reasonable, and the leather should last a good while if well cared for.