Birchbury Bramford Minimalist Shoe Review – $99.00

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Minimalist footwear has really caught on in recent years. Zero drop heels, wide toe boxes and less padding have encouraged people to take a more natural approach to walking. However, a lot of the options are fitness oriented so finding a more casual option has been difficult. That’s where the Birchbury Bramford Minimalist Shoe’s come into play. If you’re looking for a minimalist shoe that doesn’t look like it gets shot out of a Nerf Gun, read on. 


The Birchbury Bramford’s are made from American sourced full grain leather. They have a thin padded insole and rubber outsole with a wave contoured tread pattern. Stitching looks clean and tight.


The Birchbury Bramford Minimalist Shoe does take a little getting used to, especially if you’re not familiar with zero drop heels. Most modern shoes have a wedge of cushioning in the heel and places your feet at a slant. The Bramford has a thin, even layer of light cushioning across the footbed so your foot sits in a more natural position. The toe box is wide enough to let your toes wiggle and move. I can best describe these shoes as wearing a glove when compared to wearing mittens. Your foot does a little more work and you can definitely feel the ground, but in a good way.

I really like the elastic laces. These are basically slip on shoes and it makes taking them on and off a real pleasure. These make for excellent travel shoes, they have a small footprint (No pun intended) and stow away easily into an overnight bag or backpack.


The Bramford is a very simplistic shoe in nature and it lends well to a classic design. Clean and unobtrusive lines make this a shoe you will have little difficult in pairing with just about any outfit. It also comes in black. 


After using the Birchbury Bramford Minimalist Shoes, I’ve really come to love the easy feeling they have on my feet. There was definitely a learning curve, so to speak from years of wearing highly padded footwear. My feet feel more pliable and strong, because they need to work. The look and feel of the shoes is nice, but the price is a bit steep. Decent quality and a great look make this an option one might consider when looking for a low key minimalist shoe.