Stitched Gear Men’s Original Belt Review – $55

Stitched Gear Outfitters began as a collaborative effort between Randy Smith, an ex-rodeo rider/saddle maker/leatherworker and Wayne Bell, an ex-state law enforcement officer with an eye for product design and practical functionality. Together they have been making gear for friends and family for decades before deciding to share their creations with the general public. By focusing on an initial small assortment of belts, they are able to dedicate their efforts towards hand-selecting the highest quality materials and crafting each piece in-house by themselves.


The Men’s Original Belt is created using THICK 10-12 oz hand-selected full grain vegetable tanned leather cut 1½ inch wide. The leather chosen is from the firm back of the cow instead of the soft underbelly for a sturdier shape that doesn’t roll or bend during use. Wayne and Randy also hand select each dyed hide themselves to ensure that each hide is evenly dyed throughout from outer to inner surface. Industrial strength stitching is done with American bonded UV resistant nylon and the buyer has a choice of a solid brass roller buckle or polished stainless steel. If you change your mind, these buckles are easily exchanged due to the Chicago screw design. The edges are dyed and burnished for an elegant finish. When you purchase your belt, either Randy or Wayne will personally construct your belt to your size. If Randy makes your belt you will find his maker’s mark  “star” on the tip of the tail. Wayne’s belts will be finished without a mark. Like all Stitched Gear belts, the Original Belt carries a lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.



This belt was designed for maximum function. It was created for those who like to add gun holsters, cell phones, knives, or other equipment necessary for day-to-day life. Aptly named Stitched Gear Outfitters, the company pays extra attention to using recessed stitching to prevent any unnecessary abrasion and weakening against add-on equipment. There are also seven holes instead of a standard five. Three holes are added above and below your desired size, to last through a lifetime of changes to your midsection as well as adjust to waistband holsters while maintaining a secure fit.



Although this belt is perfect for the everyday rugged, gun-carrying outdoorsman, it works equally well in a professional office setting. The belt’s final design is streamlined for rugged but elegant functionality. It comes in saddle tan as shown, dark brown, or black. This particular belt in saddle tan is a deep honey color which works with denim or khakis and is just begging for a darkened patina from use. Together with the brass buckle, it goes perfectly with business casual attire and can easily be transitioned to casual wear with jeans or shorts.  The contrast stitching is done with a natural light tan color although a black option is available. If the contrast stitching, color, and buckle choices weren’t enough to satisfy you, the Stitched Gear team even thought about logo placement. The belts are tastefully stamped with the logo under the tail section so as to not be visible when being worn and the extra maker’s mark adds that personal handmade touch so you know this was thoughtfully made specifically for you.


Logo cleverly placed where it becomes hidden by the tail when worn.
Star = Randy made mine!


The Stitched Gear Men’s Original Belt is currently on sale for $55. It’s rugged. It’s functional. It’s stylish. There are many times when a belt is just a slip of leather with a buckle, but when you can tell that every little design and construction detail was so thoughtfully implemented, you cannot help but admire the belt and the company behind it.  With the current sale, it’s even harder to resist so grab one before the sale’s over!


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