SENA Walletbook Case For iPhone 12 Review – $79.95

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5G has finally descended upon us, and with that the latest incarnation of the iPhone. In years past, quality phone cases wouldn’t be available for a few months after a phone’s release. Thankfully now, companies have high quality cases right out of the gate. Here at BestLeather we prefer…leather, so when we saw the Sena Walletbook Case for iPhone 12, we had to try it out.


This case has a leather exterior with a skeleton consisting of shock absorbing thermoplastic rubber. While this certainly isn’t full grain, it really isn’t necessary.

A soft microfiber lining is used to prevent scratches while housing your phone. The stitching is clean and tight and we see reinforced corners for impact protection. This case seems to have all the protection of an otterbox, but without looking like a Jeep tire.


The Sena Walletbook Case for the iPhone 12 works great as an option for those who want to consolidate their wallet or purse. With more and more financial transactions done by phone, you don’t really need to be concerned with its limited capacity.

You can get about 4-6 cards in it and a few bills before it starts to feel bloated. I did notice the case doesn’t close flat, but is easily remedied by flipping it over so the iPhone’s weight keeps it closed. 

The leather acts as a natural shock absorber and barrier against the outside world. The iPhone sits snugly in the hard plastic enclosure. The flap also acts as a very nice stand.



This case has a very classic vibe to it. I appreciate the sophisticated looks. In a market where most cases are cheap plastic throwaways it’s refreshing to see a product that takes pride in what it does and is more than just a flavor of the day cheap suit for a state of the art electronic device.


The Sena Walletbook Case for iPhone 12 is a handsomely made case that features great storage solutions and still does a good job protecting your phone. The cost is a bit steep, so it’s not for everyone. However, if you want a case that lives up to the phone housing it, it may be worth a second look.

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