Sandlot Goods Billfold Wallet Horween Rio Latigo Review – $85

There’s two things just about every guy has in common; a love for baseball and a wallet in their back pocket. I really enjoy the nostalgic vibe and quality products put out by Sandlot Goods, so when I got a chance to review the Sandlot Goods Billfold Wallet,  a piece that infuses America’s pastime with my everyday carry, I was more than willing.

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The Sandlot Goods Bilfold is made from famous Horween leather. This style in particular is from the Rio Latigo series. When asked about this particular style Sandlot explained:

Sandlot Goods Construction

Latigo is a full grain leather that is combination tanned and fat liquored. This means that the process uses both chrome and vegetable extracts, which is then conditioned with emulsified oils and waxes. What makes Latigo unique is the dying process. The leather is first drum-dyed and then aniline finished. The dyes in the aniline finishing process contains no pigment, allowing the natural of the character of the leather to be seen. The leather is then pasted and hand glazed. Pasting is the drying process where the leather is fixed to ceramic plates. This process smooths out the grain and provides very little stretch.

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The billfold is made with several pieces of leather, this provides much friendlier storage and retrieval options for your cards but it also adds a lot more stress points. Generally with leather, the less seams the stronger the product. The stitching is clean and tight and I didn’t spot any frayed or loose threads. The wallet is made in Kansas City. It also boasts a pigskin lining which is great because it provides a slightly tackier surface so your cash will be more inclined to stay put…unless of course Jack Links jerky is on sale at Wal-Mart, in which case take my money!



When opened, the middle spine has a long oval cutout which helps the wallet close easier. This is a nice feature for those who want a wallet that will perform right out of the box. I’ve reviewed some wallets that I just had to absolutely beat into submission for weeks before they were comfortable in my pockets. Sandlot Goods did a great job here with that aspect.  Card storage is another issue though. I appreciate the front right slot with a cutout for thumbing your cards out quickly, but I find the slotted pocket above that too deep. When fully inserted, a card only has about an eighth of an inch clearance making retrieval a chore. The left side horizontal pocket works, but would have been handier as a ID window with no plastic. You can fit a fair amount of cards into this wallet, but it won’t be exactly fluid. Cash carry is always a forte of billfolds and this one does not disappoint. The deep channel allows for easy access of cash.

Sandlot Function


This wallet’s finest attribute for me is the looks. It’s Horween leather, so you just know it’s going to get better with use. Expect a deep whiskey color to develop with age. The signature Sandlot baseball V pattern stitch really does a great job accenting this wallet. Its an obviously simple design on the outside, but it’s so well executed. There is no reinventing the wheel here.

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The Sandlot Goods Billfold is simply a quality wallet with just enough personality to make it worth a second look. Its price point puts it about smack dab in the middle for handmade leather goods and the quality is on point with other similar wallets I’ve reviewed. It is a solid wallet with solid looks. ‘Nuff said.

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