Saddleback Leather Utility Straps Review – 21 Ways To Use Them

The Saddleback Leather Utility straps (now discontinued) can be mysterious once you get your hands on them. There are these d-rings, different lengths, odd slits, and a variety of ways the straps can be connected together. Lets unravel the mystery.


The thickness of leather used is very close to boot leather at 2.0-2.2mm thick. It’s tough but supple enough to work well with the d-rings and tightens up nicely.

I am uncertain how much weight they could hold. I like mine too much to test them. You should not load them up with more than 25 pounds (if that) if you want them to last.

Saddleback Leather makes three lengths of the Utility Strap, all of which have different applications. All are one inch wide.

  • Small – 10” – One D-ring (25.4 cm)
  • Medium – 17” – Two D-rings (43.18 cm)
  • Large – 24” – Two D-rings (60.96 cm)
Each strap has a series of punched holes and slits which enable the strap to be used in a variety of ways. At first they may seem nonsensical but with practice their usefulness will become apparent.
Saddleback Leather large utility strap in tobacco brown

function: 21 uses

(do you know more?)

  1. mug holder on another leather bag with D-rings
  2. trunk tie downs
  3. belt (attach multiple straps to fit your girth)
  4. notebook closureSaddleback Leather utility strap moleskin closure
  5. book wrap (my favorite)Saddleback Leather Utility Straps Use Book Carry
  6. shoulder strap
  7. attachments to molle gear to attach gear to a tactical backpack or vest
  8. modified watch strap (it is easier to buy a nice chromexcel watch strap)Saddleback Leather utility strap watch strap
  9. camera strap (two mediums together)
  10. water bottle holder
  11. carry a chess board, drafting paper
  12. carry many grocery bags with one strap through the handles
  13. dog collar
  14. wrapping clothes in suitcase
  15. Hang “stuff” from your leather bag

  16. make a saddle for your dog to carry their its supplies (pets should earn their salt)
  17. bookmarksaddleback leather utility strap bookmark
  18. gaiteresque (for keeping snow, bugs, etc from coming up your pants.)Saddleback Leather utility strap gaiters
  19. Wine bottle carrier on a bike (two medium straps)saddleback leather utility strap wine bottle carrier
  20. U shaped bike lock carrier.saddleback leather utility straps bike lock carrier
  21. And last, and hopefully least, heaven forbid, a tourniquet Saddleback Leather utility strap tourniquet

Best Leather conclusion

Get them only if you’re going to use them (obviously) and you value the quality leather. The straps are useful in certain situations. If you, for example, find yourself in perpetual need of a heavy duty tourniquet then these will certainly be worth buying.

However, there are many other strong nylon straps that will do everything the Utility Straps will do. It’s just that they are not leather. 🙂

Now discontinued on the SBL website.

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 Do you have any questions or anything else to add? Show your pictures of creative uses in the comments.

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