Saddleback Leather ID Wallet Review

Every boy admires his father’s wallet. We remember the worn and torn, battle scarred sheaths for our father’s hard-earned bills, and perhaps much more. A wallet endures a great amount of abuse being regularly slipped in and out of the pocket, sat on, soaked, washed, and stretched. It has to be tough enough. Otherwise, what is the point?


Saddleback Leather’s ID Wallet is built around a core of two 4mm 4 1/8″ wide and 2 7/8″ high tough pigskin leather rectangles. The side pockets and ID slot are 2mm full grain leather. The whole kaboodle is sewn together with Saddleback’s notable heavy thread. The thread is kept away from the very edge to protect it from abrasion with your pocket.

The wallet does not seem ready to last 100 years due to the slimmer leather used, however, the price is low and the slimness affords convenient use and also minimizes back issues, to an ambiguous extent. In the below photos you can see where the raising printing on cards has imprinted on the leather, giving evidence for its thinness. Not that this is bad thinness, it is just thinness not common for Saddleback Leather products.

The greatest risk for wear and tear seems to be in the two card slots. These slots see lots of use and have thinner leather than is normal for Saddleback Leather products. However, the model reviewed here has been used rigorously for six months with very little visible wear beyond expectable patina around the edges of the wallet. So, time will tell. Expect a follow up review later.


Let the photos convince you.

It’s great, obviously.


Between the swaths of leather is a slot for your cash, not much, not too much, just right. There are two card pockets on one side with 2mm leather which will easily accomodate two cards each. On the other side is the ID slot. There is no chinsy plastic covering it so pulling your ID out is exceptionally easy. Between the ID slot and the center is another slot where business cards fit well.

This is not a wallet for receipt savers, business card hoarders, and those obsessed with back tweaking wallets. Tri-fold wallets were designed by chiropractors to do you know what (not really, but you get the point).

All you need to carry is your few cards (simplify), ID, a bit of cash (money clip is also an option), and maybe a few of your business cards. All the other bits of paper that sometimes get jammed into our lower vertebrae belong elsewhere.

It is enjoyable to slip cards in and out. Once the leather is broken in to how many cards you use you can grab a card with your thumb and slip it out with ease. Vice-versa for putting the card back in.

For the simplicity, the Saddleback Leather ID Wallet preforms perfectly.

Best Leather conclusion

If you want a simple durable wallet, get this.

If you want a more hefty wallet, get the bi-fold.

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