Saddleback Leather Business Card/Credit Card Wallet Review ($21)

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The Saddleback Leather Card Holder is an uprated version of the Saddleback Leather Sleeve Wallet that can handle twice the cards.

It’s hefty construction of full grain leather and pigskin lining make for a card holder that is not going to fall apart anytime in the next long while. While some larger leather items get continuous and rigorous wear and tear, these smaller items like card wallets and sleeves will last a very long time because of their less harsh job. Of course, you may be the exception, you hard-charging maniac.

Saddleback Leather Business Card/Credit Card Wallet Review tobacco

Total capacity of the Saddleback Leather Card Holder is about 40 normal thickness cards but your mileage may vary by card thickness.

Saddleback Leather Business Card/Credit Card Wallet tobacco and dcbWhile this Saddleback Leather Card Case is certainly hefty and well constructed, the design is pretty simplistic. There are some equally durable yet more beautiful designs to be had for card cases, albeit with generally higher prices as well. Such as the Tanner Goods Russet Cardholder.

Saddleback Leather Card Holder in tobaccoBest Leather conclusion

Completely functional and well constructed, if a little boring.

Check it out here.

Do you have the Saddleback Leather Credit Card Holder? What do you think of it? Have any other suggestions?


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