Marlondo Leather Thin Briefcase Photo Review – $309

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After a couple week wait for my Thin Briefcase from Marlondo Leather to arrive, it has come. I’ve had a day to use it. Here are the photos in its relatively new state.

I am surprised that the leather comes looking somewhat “used”. It doesn’t look bad and I’m sure a lot of it comes from the arduous journey overseas. Still, some people might want to receive a brand new looking product and so a little leather conditioner might be in order to get it looking “newer”. But that is a small issue. I think my Marlondo Leather Thin Briefcase is going to age very well.


So far my impression is quite positive. The bag is hardily made. There are imperfections – you can see that the bag is handmade. At one corner the stitching is a little off. But once again, that is a small issue. I expect Marlondo Leather will continue to increase the quality of their goods.

The achilles heel is a lack of pen pockets. A briefcase should have pen pockets. That can be remedied.

For the money though, it is awesome value. Marlondo Leather is coming out with some lovely leather goods.

Marlondo Leather also included one of their ID wallets with the bag so I included a couple pictures of it as well.

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Marlondo Leather Thin Briefcase17 Marlondo Leather Thin Briefcase16 Marlondo Leather Thin Briefcase07 Marlondo Leather Thin Briefcase15 Marlondo Leather Thin Briefcase11 Marlondo Leather Thin Briefcase12 Marlondo Leather Thin Briefcase13 Marlondo Leather Thin Briefcase14 Marlondo Leather Thin Briefcase06 Marlondo Leather Thin Briefcase10 Marlondo Leather Thin Briefcase08 Marlondo Leather Thin Briefcase09 Marlondo Leather Thin Briefcase03 Marlondo Leather Thin Briefcase04 Marlondo Leather Thin Briefcase05

Marlondo Leather Thin Briefcase01Marlondo Leather Thin Briefcase02



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Pushka Gib'en

It’s beautiful ~ I’m excited to call it the last bag/ case I’ll ever need ~