Ledermann Thin Briefcase – $269

An essential item of anyone who carries documents to and from the office is some sort of briefcase. Here at BestLeather we are of the opinion that there isn’t any better solution for that than a well constructed leather option. Queue the Ledermann Thin Briefcase.


Ledermann uses full grain vegetable tanned leather as the foundation for for their bag. It is lined with canvas and there is a layer of leather board in between the leather exterior and canvas interior to provide structure as the bag breaks in.

The metal used throughout the bag is all iron, which has proven to be durable but brass or nickel plated brass would have been a better choice for longevity.

The back of the strap is lined with a nylon belt. While some manufacturers use similar techniques it’s typically masked by using leather on both sides. The underside of the pad on the strap is a soft suede that keeps it from falling off your shoulder when carrying it which is a nice touch.


This briefcase certainly performs all the duties that you would expect it to. It holds plenty of notebooks and documents with just enough space to hold a small laptop if needed.

There are a few pockets for sorting small items but is mostly open to put and sort you items as you would like.


The Ledermann Thin Briefcase is certainly a handsome bag that fits in well casually and in a business casual setting. Some briefcases go to far in trying to add too many bells and whistles but here what you get is a tried and true design.

There is some unsightly creasing on the closure strap but being a high wear area this isn’t unexpected. It would have been nice to see this constructed in a way that would prevent it though.


The Ledermann Thin Briefcase is another great contender in the leather briefcase space, and coming in at under $300 prices it competitively.

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