How to Pair an Outfit to Your Leather Bag

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How to Pair an Outfit to Your Leather Bag

A bag is an important part of any outfit, and when you are the owner of a classic leather bag, you might even want to shape your outfit around it. Keeping the focus on the bag while dressing to impress can be tricky, but there are a few key ways to get you there. Here is how to pair an outfit with your leather bag. 


Think About Color 

If you have a brown leather bag, then teal and turquoise would make it pop. Alternatively, you could stick with the warm shades and pair the leather bag with peaches, oranges, and reds – this would look especially gorgeous in the autumn.

For a black leather bag, you cannot go too wrong when it comes to color, as black goes with pretty much anything! There is something eye-catching about the classic black and white look, though, especially if you are going for business casual. 


Consider the Type of Bag 

Does it go across your shoulder? Is it a handbag? The outfit you choose will depend on the type of leather bag you are pairing it with. While an over-the-shoulder satchel would pair well with a more casual outfit (think jeans and a blouse/shirt), a smart envelope bag would go nicely with a dressier look, like a bodycon dress and court heels. 


Match a Perfume 

The right leather bag deserves the perfect scent to go alongside it, so choose a deep, woody perfume that gives off the same classic beauty as your bag. If you like to play around with scents, use for a monthly perfume subscription. By receiving a new fragrance each month, you are more likely to find the ideal scent to match your bag. 


Choose One Other Leather Accessory 

Unlike denim, double leather is not a fashion sin. In fact, if it is done right, it can look fabulous. Try pairing your leather bag with another simple but elegant accessory, such as a watch. You could take it a step further and pair it with a leather jacket, but that depends on how much leather you want in your outfit! 


Choose Classic Pieces 

Leather bags and classic clothing items go hand in hand – think blue jeans, white shirts, and boots. You could even choose some leather boots as your one other leather accessory! By creating an outfit with classic pieces, your look will be clean, elegant, and stylish. 


Lay it All Out 

You need to see it to know if it is right, so if you are planning an outfit to go with your leather bag, take the time to lay out the clothes and see if the colors and materials match. This is a great, simple way of seeing what works and what does not without trying on ten different variations of a similar outfit. Don’t forget to add in the jewelry! 


Your leather bag deserves a little thought into what goes around it, so consider colors, material, and scent before letting the world witness your classic style. 

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