How to get into leather making

Leather making is a great hobby to get into. You can start by making leather products for your friends and family and then build it into a legitimate business. Here’s how to get into leather making. 

 Pick out a project you want to work on

 You don’t have to pick up a big project right off the bat. In fact, you could start by making something simple like coasters or phone cases. These projects are both relatively easy and can be done with your existing tools. Once you feel more comfortable with this process, then you can move on to something a bit more complicated.

 Learn the skills you need 

 You can learn pretty much anything on the internet, from online gambling to leather making. Just open up Youtube and start watching videos. Then, move on to more detailed blogs and sites. 

 Understand the basic tools 

You can get by with just an X-Acto knife, Exacto blade, and some spray adhesive. However, several other tools will help you speed up the process. For example, a staple gun is great for attaching pieces of leather together. Also, a professional stitching awl comes in handy when you want to stitch or rivet.

 Purchase your first piece of leather 

 Not all leather is created equal. It’s important that you buy high-quality leather that has been vegetable-tanned using natural ingredients, typically oak or mimosa barks. The reason to use only vegetable tanning agents is that it doesn’t have a strong odor that can irritate many people.

 Find the right tools to purchase 

 You don’t need a lot of tools. In fact, you can make most leather products without any power tools at all. The main thing you will need is an X-Acto knife and Exacto blade for cutting the leather, then an industrial or commercial stapler for stitching. You might also want to get some rivets and a hammer to rivet them. You should consider buying some of the more expensive tools second-hand to save money.

 Start practicing 

 There’s no better way to learn how to make leather products than by doing it yourself. Pick out a project that you would like to do, then cut the pieces of leather according to your design. Remember, don’t rush this process because cutting is the most important part. Make sure you use a sharp blade and accurate ruler to make an even and precise cut

 Start working on your first project 

  If you have never made anything out of leather before, then the best possible project for you is to make something simple like a phone case or coasters. This way, if you mess up it’s not that big of a deal.

 Sell your products on Etsy or eBay 

 Once you have done a few projects, start selling them. It’s always better to get some experience under your belt before you try something new. Start with an online store or maybe even open up your own Etsy page if you have enough products for sale.


 Leather making is very fun and rewarding. Setting up your own leather workshop can be quite costly, but it’s totally worth it once you start selling the products.


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When making the leather, must I raise my own cattle and then skin them myself or do I need to have someone else skin the beast so I can make the leather?