How To Buy SOL Coin?

The cryptocurrency sector continues to evolve, and there are more and more new products on the market: DeFi is an important direction in 2022. Several decentralized products are currently being developed and implemented, such as blockchain games and metaverses. Such products, as well as DeFi platforms and smart contracts, are often built on the Ethereum and Solana networks. For some time, when the Ethereum blockchain was overloaded with applications and performed slowly, Solana broke through and became the leading network for developers. SOL coin’s value grew, and people started to buy Solana massively. The reasons were the following benefits of Solana:

  • 50,000 transactions per second.
  • Low rates.
  • Solana uses Proof-of-Stake with the addition of Proof-of-History mechanisms instead of the Proof-of-Work consensus protocol.

What is Solana Crypto?

SOL is the native currency of the Solana platform. It is used for commissions within the network, smart contracts and staking. The project is developing rapidly and has an enthusiastic and active community of dApp developers creating more and more Solana-based products. So the project is on the rise, and there is a possibility that the price of the SOL cryptocurrency will increase significantly. It makes sense to buy SOL cryptocurrencies now, as their price is $14.04 (as of late November).

Where Can You Buy SOL Crypto?

You can buy SOL through centralized or decentralized cryptocurrency platforms. Centralized exchanges are more recommendable, as they have a more straightforward interface and are officially registered. The conditions for users are transparent, and there are no hidden fees.

An example of such an exchange is WhiteBIT. It offers:

  • Crypto lending
  • Futures trading
  • Trading bots
  • Stop-loss and take-profit tools
  • Margin
  • P2P
  • Customer support.

Experts see the bright future for the Solana blockchain and are confident that Solana price will rise to $68.01 by 2025. Based on this Solana price prediction, we dare to say that this asset is definitely worth buying in 2022.

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