Top Tip: How To Buy Quality Leather Shoes At Huge Discount

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Here is how you can get $300+ shoes for a fraction of the price on Ebay.

I thought $70 was a lot for a shoe and then I found out they can easily go north of $500! Wow! Spending that much on a shoe is hard to swallow, so how else can one acquire good quality shoes at a decent price?

One of the interesting things about many luxury or even quality items is that they are carefully taken care of and often sold at deep discounts. Shoes are one of those items.

Ebay to the rescue.

  1. Pick out a couple brands you trusthere are a few good brands to check out – find your size in those brands, and decide on some styles you like. This can be done online at a site like (there are many shoe sizing posts there) or you can go into Nordstroms or some such store and try some pairs on. If having the shoes recrafted – basically making the shoes like new – is a priority for you then make sure the manufacturer does recraft. Allen Edmonds does an excellent job for between $50 and $150 depending on what you want.
  2. Search Ebay for exactly what you want using their search bar. 
  3. Refine the search results using the refining tool on the right side of the screen.This pair will do nicely.
  4. If you don’t immediately find what you want then create an email alert that sends you recent listings that match your criteria by clicking on the “save” button next to the star inside the right portion of the search bar.Every time an item is listed that meets your criteria Ebay will email you the listing and you can decide to act on it or not, as shown below.ebay saved search results
  5. Once you find a shoe you are interested in buying, use to seal the deal in the last few seconds. The reason to use an auction sniper is to avoid getting into a bidding war with another prospective buyer and upping the price unnecessarily. Each auction snipe costs $0.25 and is well worth the cost since it prevents a lot of costly bidding. I never bid without it and highly recommend it.
  • A good discount range that should give you a good deal and a good shoe is 50% to 70% off.
  • Don’t bite on the first thing you see, there will always be more.
  • Once you have purchased your excellent shoes send them in to the manufacturer to be made new for a fraction of the price of a new pair.
I scored a practically new pair of Allen Edmond Split Toe Bluchers for $35 this way. Have fun!

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