Holdster Fist Model Coasters Review – $29.99

In the Holdster Model 01 and Model 05 reviews, we saw two creative accessories designed to make the everyday act of drinking just that much better. Today we’re taking a look at the Holdster Fist Model Coasters, the perfect accessory to the accessory, ideal for anyone who loves a refreshing cold drink but hates water stains.



The Holdster Fist Model Coaster is a simple design. It is a single piece of thick full-grain vegetable-tanned leather from Hermann Oak or Chahin Tannery cut in a circle. Tadaa! There are no gimmicks or artful design choices in this yet Marsh Gooding still expects the same amount of effort and attention to detail in each one. The edges are in black finish and the fist with the lightening bolt is proudly debossed in the center of each one.



These coasters are firm and perfectly flat, therefore they work. The end.




Depending on the leather from which each coaster was cut, no two coasters will be exactly alike. There may be color variations as well as debossing variations but this definitely adds character to these leather pieces. The coasters may or may not be your cup of tea depending on whether you like large awesome logos on your coasters. If you do, these will definitely get people talking at your next get together. But wait! What if you don’t? Well, here’s the easy solution. Flip the coasters upside down! The undersurface is polished and smooth thereby creating an additional aesthetic option for these these leather coasters. Finally, feel free to let your coasters catch as much condensation as possible. After all, that’s what it was made for but the secondary benefit is you get to watch your coasters gain a worn-in patina as the leather color changes from the water.



Flip them over for another look.



The Holdster Fist Model Coasters are well worth the $29.99. You’ll be lucky if you find a set of four genuine full-grain vegetable-tanned leather coasters made in the USA for less than $40. If you do, get them…and get these too because do you really just want to have three friends?

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