Goruck Sand Kettlebell Review- $49

Like it or not, the coronavirus changed the fitness scene forever. In a matter of days gyms shut down and an ensuing mad dash took place for gym equipment. Walmart’s were picked clean, Youtube videos popped up showing how to build a cast for concrete dumbbells and people hopped on year long wait lists for exercise bikes. It was a crazy time and it showed me the importance of having a back up home gym. Enter Goruck and their brilliant lineup of sand filled fitness tools, namely the Goruck Sand Kettlebell.


One thing that always makes Goruck instantly recognizable is their ballistic nylon. It’s thick, heavy and seemingly indestructible. All seams are double stitched at least, critical stress areas get even more reinforcement. The bag I’m reviewing is the 35lb model. Note, you need to get your own sand. A 5 dollar bag at Home Depot should do the trick, get the play sand as it’s filtered and less dusty, trust me. 


Kettlebells are usually cumbersome but I find Goruck’s Sand Kettlebell more forgiving during workouts. For example when snapping it over the wrist, it is much more forgiving and less dangerous, especially in overhead movements. There are some movements you can do with these that a traditional kettlebell can’t and vice versa. 

I love the fact I can drop these! Like everything else Goruck, these are pretty bombproof. The sand is securely tucked in with a double fold velcro strapped bladder which sits in the zippered outer bag. Pouring the sand in was tedious, but you only  have to do it once.


These bags look great, I would have loved to had them in some other colors (Olive, Khaki) but black is a timeless color and the Goruck Sand Kettlebell’s look awesome next to my other home gym torture devices.


The Goruck sand filled kettbell  is a great fitness tool. The construction and finish is superb. First rate materials and cut no corners craftsman ship. Pricing is acceptable and while the sand can be a bit messy, these are a great alternative to traditional kettlebells.


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