Ghurka Large Pouch No. 65 Review – $150

Ghurka is a NYC based company focused on producing leather goods with a classic American style. The company factory started in Norwalk, CT in 1975 and its founder, Marley Hodgson, was inspired at an estate sale by campaign gear made for Ghurka regimental officers stationed in India during the early 1900s. The company’s ownership and ideals have shifted over the years but the current company is bringing itself back to its roots in terms of construction and design.



Like all Ghurka products, including the Cavalier II No. 97,  the Large Pouch is made with the original secret vegetable tanning formula of the very first designs. The leather is full grain imported calf from Italy or France (depending on which customer rep you talk with) with the signature Ghurka checkered lining. Although Ghurka is slowly bringing back its production back to the United States with some core designs, other items such as the pouches are still assembled in other countries such as China or the Dominican Republic. They then undergo strict quality control evaluations prior to hitting the shelves. Don’t assume the worst though – the second your hand picks up that thick supple leather, you’ll know you are holding a quality piece.

GhurkaLargePouch1 GhurkaLargePouch3


The Large Pouch measures 8.75″ x 12″ with a single zipper for easy access and closure. It is the perfect size for an iPad Air or standard documents and is a great alternative to a standard folio or sleeve. The full grain leather and soft lining is substantial and adds a layer of protection to electronics or other fragile items.



The Large Pouch has a simple and classic design with the Ghurka logo subtly debossed onto the front. The pouch has a polished and sophisticated look with rounded edges and inverted hemming. In India Orange, it’s sure to turn heads although if that doesn’t suit your style, there are 11 other color and material options available, depending on the collection.

A Ghurka Large Pouch makes everything seem more luxurious – even your office skull and orchid.


The Ghurka Large Pouch No.65 is… a large leather pouch – with an equally large price tag. Although it serves a basic function, it stands out in quality and classic style. It is a nice investment for those who appreciate luxurious leather even in the simplest of items.

Check it out here.

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