A nice leather bag is one of those things that many people consider an investment worth working for. As many can already agree, finding the ‘perfect’ leather bag that looks good, last a long time, fits in the budget, and functions the way it is supposed to is surprisingly difficult. More times than not, consumers end up buying a cheap mass produced bag that works but does not offer many of the aforementioned qualities. Introducing Crushed Leather Company’s entry into the leather bag market–the Minimalist Carry. It has the looks, durability, functionality, and fairly reasonable price. Let’s take a closer look at how this bag stands up to the test.

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Brant Stock, the brains behind Crushed Leather Co, is a product developer and chiropractor based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. After several months and several prototypes later, Brant had the final product for the Crushed Leather Minimalist Carry. He strived for over-kill durability to offer a bag that will stand up to not one, not two, but three lifetimes. It will be interesting to see what other products they release because I genuinely like the overall design of their first product.

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As stated on Crushed Leather’s website, the construction is top notch. “You won’t have any issues. It’s built for over-kill durability.” I can certainly agree after further inspection of the bag. As you can see from the photos, most of the seams have been triple stitched. The bag is extremely sturdy and has incredible structure from the nylon webbing that the bag and strap are lined with. A smart design feature of this bag is having the strap go around the entire bag, eliminating the worry that the strap will detach like in many bags of this style. Upon unboxing the bag, I noticed a slightly strong odor coming from the bag, but this has started to go away after using the bag. Overall it is built quite nicely and I am excited to see how it ages.

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This bag was much smaller and lighter than I thought it was before I saw it in person. One thing you have to remind yourself of is that this bag is not trying to replace backpacks or briefcases. As you notice from the photos, my non-retina 13 inch MacBook Pro was almost struggling to fit since the leather strap that goes over it was a bit short in length. If you are lugging around an iPad or smaller laptop, no need to worry. In addition to my MacBook Pro, I managed to fit three full folders and a small textbook and of course my phone, wallet, a couple pens, and keys in the provided spaces. For the intended use, which is the carry your everyday items in minimal simplicity, it just about hits a home run.

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I personally really like the aesthetic of this bag. It is simple with clean lines and quality brass hardware to compliment the nice brown color of the leather. I do not usually wear a suit and tie, but I imagine it would look professional yet subtle with this pairing. This is a great all around bag ideal for business, school, or trips to the coffee shop.

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This is the Minimal Carry, with an emphasis on the Minimal. In my opinion, any product that can lessen the amount of stuff we carry around with us is a plus. After spending some time with the Crushed Leather Carry and seeing how it works with my schedule, I can really appreciate a bag like this. It is well constructed, classic looking, and forces me to just take what I need when I head off to class. Once in hand, this bag certainly impressed me and is deserving of a consideration in your next leather bag purchase. The Crushed Leather Co Minimal Carry can be purchased for $195 for a limited time, then the price jumps to $275. As far as I can tell from my time with the Minimal Carry, this is a fair price point for a bag with a Triple Lifetime Guarantee. The bag is available for purchase through Crushed Leather Company’s website.

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This looks very nice, but would like to know (in addition to what kind/weight of leather) where this is manufactured.


So that means it could have one piece of decent quality Top grain leather with the rest being low quality Genuine Leather.


It’s not full grain leather, but top grain cowhide leather. Not sure where you’re basing the assumption that Crushed Leather would only have one piece of top grain leather and then make the rest of the bag from something inferior. Genuine doesn’t classify any leather type – just means that it’s real (genuine).


Actually Genuine leather is a classification of leather, it’s below top grain in quality. I made my statement in reply to Jim’s that stated “Top grain high quality Genuine leather.” If they are trying to say it is all 100% top grain leather then they should not say it is top grain genuine leather, that could imply that it is using two different types of leather. (top grain and genuine leather) It’s tricky marketing to make one think they are getting something higher quality than they are. Please google genuine leather. Here is a definition I found: “Goods marked as… Read more »


Yes, that’s true…but most people still refer to that as simply bonded leather, which is obviously very low grade. The majority of it is used on book covers and uber cheap wallets and accessories. Crushed Leather isn’t using bonded (genuine) leather on their bags. Perhaps throwing the word “genuine” into their description isn’t the best choice and something that we’ll pass along to them.


Good to hear that Crushed Leather uses top grain leather and not lower grades of leather. There are probably all sorts of overlaps in definitions of leather. Shame on the lowlife scummy marketer who co-opted the word genuine to make it into something else.