Conestoga Leather “The Professional” Folio Review – $299

After spending several hundred dollars on a tablet, the last thing you want to do is scratch it, shatter it, or otherwise damage it. Thankfully there are tons of options out there when it comes to high quality tablet cases, tablet sleeves, or folios. We’ll be looking at The Professional, from Conestoga Leather. Conestoga Leather focuses almost exclusively on luxury tablet folios, with three goals.

1) Design it to be undeniably beautiful and extraordinarily functional
2) Use only the finest of domestic bison leathers
3) Place those leathers in the hands of the best artisans in America.

Conestoga Leather Professional Folio 3
About Conestoga Leather

Colorado-based Conestoga Leather features craftsmanship by the Amish community nestled in the Rocky Mountains. Their product line, which includes folios, bags, and valet trays, has a heavy focus on functionality and design.

Conestoga Leather Professional Folio 8

From their website:  “Our goal is to offer quality, American made products that are handcrafted by artisans. We desire to be fairly priced but realize that we do not have the advantages of large companies who build items by the tens of thousands. Our products are often crafted one at a time. “

Conestoga Leather Professional Folio 2


Handcrafted from genuine bison leather, this zippered folio’s construction is impeccable. It’s quite large, at 11” x 9.25 x2.5, but it’s cushioned for drop protection and can fit everything you need for a meeting or business trip.

Conestoga Leather Professional Folio 4

The Professional has three multipurpose pockets with plenty of space for your tablet, a 5×8 notebook, and pen. There’s a center leather flap with credit card slots, and a diagonal-cut sleeve for loose-leaf paper. The riveted piece on the front hinges outward to act as a desk stand.

Conestoga Leather Professional Folio 11

The tablet is held in the folio with leather straps at the corners. Upon purchasing, you can choose what tablet you will be using, and the straps will adjust size and position accordingly. You can also choose whether you are right or left-handed, and whether you want brown or black bison leather.

Conestoga Leather Professional Folio 6

Conestoga Leather Professional Folio 9


My brother has been using this folio for several weeks now, and has quickly become a daily staple. Here’s what he has to say about The Professional:

“High quality, very functional, not too bulky. The snaps to remove and install the iPad are easy to use and durable. The notepad holder works very well. The card holder pockets are handy and easy to use. The leather stand is surprisingly durable and handy when you want to view your iPad for an extended length of time. I still don’t know what the purpose of the front top pocket serves. If I had to choose, I’d rather just have a larger storage pockets there or two more additional small pockets. It is difficult to access the power button on the top of your iPad to turn it on and off.”

Conestoga Leather Professional Folio 5


The iPad is very secure and protected in this case. It is a good looking, good smelling case that is both functional and stylish. This is not a minimalist folio. It has a much more traditional aesthetic. If you’re looking for something simple, this is probably not the case for you! However, you are getting a high quality bison leather piece, handcrafted in the USA. At $299, it’s certainly not cheap, but nothing about this piece is cheap. The Professional is currently on sale for $229, a $70 discount, so snatch one up if you’re in the market for a multipurpose tablet case.’Conestoga Leather Professional Folio 10 Conestoga Leather Professional Folio 7

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