Barber Shop Introduces New Line of Bags & Accessories

There’s a new name in the leather world, an Italian company by the name of Barber Shop. Barber Shop is a collection of 11 styles, entirely designed and made in Italy, which includes 5 bags, 1 hand and 1 wrist-strap, a single and a double bridle and 2 different sizes of leather organizers. Quality, Italian style and functionality are the hallmarks of Barber Shop. Each piece is handcrafted in Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza) by skilled artisans.


From the choice of the leathers, coming from the finest tanneries in Vicenza, to the design and manufacture of every single metal detail, the whole Barber Shop collection was conceived in the beautiful  landscapes of Veneto. This soul makes the brand unique in the world of photography: 100% Italian. Barber Shop bags and accessories have been conceived and styled in Bassano del Grappa, a small jewel of a town set in northeast Italy, in the province of Vicenza.

The Barber Shop line was founded in Italy, the homeland of the classic barber: men with a passion for detail and a flawless craftsmanship. They take care of the face and style of a person: what best expresses their personality. The barber is the man you entrust with your own skin. The name Barber Shop recalls materials such as leather, the idea of an artisan workshop and urban style. Barber scissors and a razor are stylized in the logo. The ‘barber pole’ becomes a distinctive striped red white and blue tape sewn in all Barber Shop products, as well as in the elegant packaging boxes.

Barber Shop bags and accessories are made using selected Italian leathers and fabrics and offers top quality technical features. The unique style and versatility of Barber Shop bags make them perfect, despite the masculine name, both for men and women, and enjoyable also for daily life: just take out the camera satchel and you have a stylish bag for your everyday needs. And when you are shooting, the Barber Shop bags don’t advertise that you are carrying photographic equipment, which makes them safer for traveling. Whether photography is your job or passion, enjoy your special, inspiring moment without any compromise or concern. You need protection, comfort, speed, handiness and transportability for your gear. Barber Shop will take care of everything, so you just need to think about your next shoot.

Details are the hallmark of Barber Shop collection: details that are not just a matter of style, but they allow to live a greater experience, working with a functional, performing product, designed with the photographers’ needs in mind. The Barber Shop team capitalized on the knowledge gained working closely with photographers for years. Every detail of Barber Shop products is designed and tailored to fit the needs of photographers, without giving up style, elegance and the uniqueness of a hand-crafted product.

Barber Shop wants to give time its proper value. The same time that is necessary both to handcraft the highest quality and to give oneself the chance to fully enjoy a product. To handcraft a Barber Shop bag an average of 3 hours of passionate work are needed.

Keep an eye out for Barber Shop products coming this summer! We hope to produce some reviews in the next couple months. In the meantime, check out a few of the preview photos, and take a look at their website:

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