Deion Sanders once said, “If you look good, you feel good, If you feel good, you play good, If you play good, they pay good.”  For some reason, that quote came to mind when I first saw the Avund Goods Randi Small Shoulder Bag. More concerning to me, is that I’m a guy! I recruited my wife on this review whose own collection of purses is nothing to chuckle at.

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BestLeather has reviewed a number of Avund Goods….goods. Their Avund Goods Forsta wallet took the number one spot in our Best Leather Goods of 2014 wallet category. The quality construction continues with the Randi. Constructed from an aniline finished vegetable tanned shoulder cut of leather, the Randi is dyed and colored on both sides. Waxed polyester thread is handstitched to make up the main body. The shoulder strap has 4 notches to adjust the length via center bar buckle and is secured to the main body by rivets. The edges are beveled, then burnished with beeswax to a natural, high gloss finish. Dimensions come in at 7.5″ x 5.25″ x 2.0″ and the weight is 8 oz.


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The Randi is a get up and go type of bag. With just enough room to carry your essentials and compact enough to not get in your way. The adjustable shoulder strap really increases mobility. If I’m somewhere relaxed like the farmer’s market, I like the bag hanging low so I can access the contents easily. If I’m somewhere a little hectic (think New York subways) I like the bag high up by my elbow to keep it close, and with the Randi I can do that.

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There’s a small interior slot that keeps my phone and money separated from the main compartment which makes retrieval easier. I was skeptical that the strap would keep all my things secure, but it has yet to fail me. My only small issue is the flap is hard to get undone with one hand, it’s a fair compromise though given my contents are secure. Normally I pack heavy, so a smaller bag seemed like a no go. The Randi challenged me to pack intelligently, and I find myself preferring to go light.

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All of the essentials for a day out.

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The styling of the Randi is a welcome departure from the pattern print bags saturating the market. It’s simple and straightforward design mesh function and style seamlessly. The Avund patch on front is secured with rivets and accentuates the bag well. The clean look lets you wear whatever and get away with it, you don’t need to find an outfit that matches the bag. The more it’s used, the more character the leather takes on, making the Randi an ever evolving piece.

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Avund Goods Randi Small Shoulder Bag is a great looking bag at a smart price point. For $199 you get full leather construction and won’t need to worry about it going out of style or breaking a zipper. It’s compact nature will make it your trusted companion for when you just need to get out without taking it all with you.


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