American Bench Craft Working Man’s Belt Review – $89

The job of a belt can be pretty thankless at times. Day in and day out, they faithfully serve us while at work, play and everywhere in between…until they don’t. It was one such dark day for me as a teenager while working as a waiter in a pizza shop when my cheapo “genuine” leather belt came apart on me and forced me to Macgyver a makeshift belt with a zip tie. In that moment I swore it wouldn’t happen again. Ever since then I’ve been a fan of durable, American made manly man girdles. American Bench Craft seems to have heard my pleas with their best selling Working Man’s Belt.


The Working Man’s Belt is made from 12oz Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Leather. If you need a primer on the types of leather, check it out. Full grain leather is to genuine leather what whole milk is to 1% – Yeah.. it’s that different, if you don’t believe me then try eating an Oreo with a belt from TJ Maxx on, then try eating one with an American Bench Craft belt.  

This belt also features a solid brass buckle with snaps, so you can remove/swap it if need be. American Bench Craft offers the Working Man’s Belt in brown or black, with the option of a nickel or brass colored buckle. It’s one solid cut of leather too, which is nice because no stitching/weak points. The quality of the leather is fantastic, there’s a glow to it and I expect a great patina to develop over time.


This belt is 1.5” wide with 7 holes spaced perfectly apart to find that sweet spot when girding your loins. One caveat about thicker belts however is the potential clash with any type of everyday carry item that has a clip – I personally had a hard time getting my phone case and pocket knife onto the belt and instead had to utilize carry cases with loops in lieu of clips. I found the belt very supportive and it had no issues holding up my pants. If you like to pack items on your belt (Tools/Phones/Firearms) you’ll appreciate the near Batman like utility this belt can offer given its robust build.



You can tell right away this belt is a quality just from a casual glance. The deep brown hughes speak to its full grain lineage. The buckle really pops, and if you like to tuck your shirt on occasion, it will complete the look.

Although it is a working man’s belt (Which I am until I’m eligible for retirement in 2099) I found it went great with chinos, slacks, you name it. American Bench Craft also gives you the option to emboss, making it a great gift idea.


We greatly enjoyed reviewing the American Bench Craft Working Man’s Belt – It perfectly embodies everything we look for in a quality leather piece. Top notch leather, precise tooling, fit and finish all make this belt a great option for holding your pants up. The price point may seem high but it’s actually on the more affordable side. A mediocre belt at LL Bean runs for about $45, and you can probably get 5 years out of it. The Working Man’s Belt looks to last a lifetime. You do the math.