Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Dress Boots Review – $395

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Allen Edmonds is a Wisconsin-based shoe company which has produced shoes for over 90 years for Americans to enjoy. It is one of fewer than 10 American shoe companies who still produce their dress shoes domestically and is arguably one of the best upscale shoemakers worldwide. Although the stores tend to be located in busier metropolitan areas, everyone can purchase directly from their online store which has live assistance, an interactive fitting guide, and demonstration videos to help you make an informed decision.



The Dalton is the product of 212 steps in the shoemaking process. It is built on the welted 511 last, perfect for the average shaped foot with a slightly fuller toe area. It runs true to size. The leather upper is calfskin and the sole is made of butyl double leather. There is a sturdy pull tab for easy slipping in and out.  This boot also comes with more lives, since it is eligible for the legendary Allen Edmonds recrafting service. Recrafting prices range according to the level of service but bring your shoe back to near-new condition. Everything from the soles, welting, cork layer, and laces can be replaced and the uppers refinished.

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The Dalton works well as a daily casual shoe. By using the company’s online interactive Shoe Fit Guide, you can easily determine the exact size and width of your shoe to maximize your comfort and use of these boots. The boot is lightweight enough for casual walking and day to day activities. For avid golfers, a custom golf sole can also be installed for an additional $50. The firm heel area may eventually start causing discomfort in those whose professions require standing or walking all day. This is no work boot and would not be ideal for harsh weather or environments which would inevitably damage the leather uppers and sole.


After a long day of travel, you’ll still want to keep these boots on.


The Dalton is built for those looking to convey sophistication with an edge. It has a classic wingtip blucher with brogue and medallion design which will elevate any casual outfit. Although it is called a “dress boot,” it is ideal for a blazer and jean combo but is too casual and bulky for a tailored suit. The lace color can be changed to the owner’s preferences but finding waxed laces at a minimum 48’’ length can be difficult. A quick Internet search will show that the vast majority of owners are quite satisfied with the surprising comfort of these boots.



Customize your boots with some color.


The Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Dress Boot is a well priced upscale leather boot which should be a staple in any gentleman’s shoe closet. Words don’t do it justice when you can just stare at it. Instead of choosing the boots, you will be choosing clothing to match. Don’t forget to put aside some of your budget for cedar shoe trees and an eventual recrafting as you will want to keep these boots forever.


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