A Review of TrunkClub.com – Part 1

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BestLeather.org has partnered with TrunkClub.com to provide a full review of the Trunk Club experience, service level, and products. As always, we will share the results with you to help you better decide if they are appropriate for yourself.


What is TrunkClub.com?

Imagine receiving a custom tailored box of clothes from a high end retailer each time you want new clothes –that’s TrunkClub.com. You suggest what would be appropriate for you through their online sizing, styling, and ordering process, and then they do the rest of the work. One week later, you receive a box of clothes on your doorstep (that you will have to sign for) with items suited to your style. That’s it. Shop online, save time.

TrunkClub.com review1

Through the service, you can acquire shoes, belts, pants, socks, shirts, sport coats, ties, and bowties. The focus is definitely up-market, but, along with the “dressed-to-the-nines” trunk, you can also request a casual trunk.

It’s an interesting idea to ship custom clothing packages, and it seems to be catching on in a big way. Trunk Club is shipping over 1000 “trunks” per month–at an average of $1,000. That is some serious volume. Furthermore, with 182,000 fans on Facebook, there is quite a large pool of customers ready to pay for these custom services. In 2012, Trunk Club did 17 million dollars in revenue and projected numbers for 2013 were around 40 million dollars!

Judging from the number of open positions advertised on Indeed.com, we suspect Trunk Club plans to continue their impressive growth.

TrunkClub.com review3


For the MBA student readers we have here, pay attention to this: there is a smart rule in business that says to make as few steps as possible for customers to give their money to you. Trunk Club does this well.

Your first glance through the website makes the sales process instantly clear.

1) Sign up.

2)Your individually assigned stylist selects your clothes according to your specifications.

3) In about a week, open the box.

TrunkClub.com review4

The actual process was that simple. Sign up took three or four minutes. My very pleasant stylist, Holly, called me that evening and we talked about my preferences. And here, a week later, I write these first thoughts with my introductory trunk sitting on the bed.

So far, I am impressed with the service. It has been concise, professional, prompt, and easy. There is a lot of hard-earned wisdom that has gone into this business model. It is well worth paying attention to, but is it worth subscribing to?

Next up, we will evaluate the value of these items Trunk Club sent. What do you get in a $2,500 trunk and what happens if you don’t like it? Those important questions and more in the next article.

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