35% Off Select Saddleback Leather Products

Saddleback Leather is clearing out their inventory of discontinued or slow moving items. I haven’t seen a sale like this before and they claim they won’t do another for the foreseeable future. 35% off on a leather product is very significant considering the high cost of making these bags. On top of the 35% off Saddleback Leather is also offering free shipping on orders over $200

Use the code PIGSFLY on the items on their sale page for the 35% off these certain items.Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 8.14.16 PM

Classic Briefcase in carbon (black) – $369 to 431

Beast Duffel (!) in carbon – $589

Thin Briefcase in carbon – $299 to $308

Side Pocket Duffel in carbon – $425

Front Pocket Briefcase in carbon – $377

Leather Bible Cover in various colors – $26 to $28

Leather Suitcase in carbon – $685 to $764

Thin Front Pocket Briefcase – $310







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