10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Luxury Sof-Touch Seat Covers

What do you do if your car’s interior is starting to show signs of wear? Maybe the edges of the driver’s seat cushion is beginning to fray or crack from use. Or, maybe your seats are stained from soft drinks and juices from the kids. No matter why your original seats are starting to deteriorate, you probably want to give your car a good cleaning and do what you can to protect the seats from further damage. 

A good alternative to throwing cheap blankets over your seats or letting them get dirtier once you’ve cleaned them is to add a set of seat covers like a set of Sof-Touch Seat Covers

Upgrade Your Interior 

No matter what your original seat cover material is, leather can take drab and dull to luxury. The only problem with leather is the price tag. While leather will last for a long time, it requires maintenance to keep it looking good. That means using leather cleaner or it and keeping it out of direct sunlight where the heat can crack the leather. 

Sof-Touch Seat Covers are made from leatherette, which means you can enjoy the exotic look of leather in your car without the price tag. 

These seat covers are a Ruff Tuff product. All of the covers have been designed by experts to ensure the highest quality look and fit. Diamond stitch is an optional upgrade that adds a double foam padded material and a quilted pattern to your seats.

Choose from a Variety of Colors 

These seat covers come in a variety of designs and customization options. Whether you prefer a classic look or something more modern, you can find a style that complements your car’s interior.

From a flat color to color plus sporty inserts, you’ll find something that will work with your interior regardless of the color. Choose from luxury-minded caramel or black with a spicy salsa insert or any of the neutral tones for a look that is distinctively yours. 

Comfortable Seating 

No one wants to drive for long distances in a seat they can’t stand. Some seats are uncomfortable, which causes fatigue. Sof-Touch Seat Covers are made from soft leatherette and a 3/8th inch foam insert that provides a cushion between you and your original seat, making the drive more comfortable. 

For additional comfort, you can opt for foam perforated inserts that are good for air conditioned seats, but they do inhibit air flow. 


One of the biggest benefits of leatherette seat covers is their durability. They have been constructed of a high-quality automotive-grade material that can withstand daily use. The leatherette is mildew and water resistant material, so you don’t have to worry about liquids soaking into the cover. These seat covers are made from UV protected materials, so there is no need for extra cleaning and conditioning like you would with real leather. They are fade-resistant, so the color stays true from the first day.

They are abrasion resistant, which means they are kid and dog friendly, too.


Unlike leather that comes from cowhide, leatherette is processed without the need for farms. Farms use a lot of resources to produce one cowhide, so by choosing a Sof-Touch Seat Cover, you’re helping to save the environment. 

Easy to Clean

Since these seat covers are water resistant, spills wipe up with a damp cloth, and if they are washable should they get really dirty. You can easily vacuum up dirt and dust from these covers, and it’s easy to clean them while on the road with just a wet cloth.  

Easy to Install 

The Sof-Touch Seat Cover is a custom fit seat cover that is made just for your vehicle. They are easy to install, and if you run into any problems or have questions, the staff at ShearComfort is happy to help you. 

Health Benefits 

If you’re an allergy sufferer, you know how difficult it can be to ride for long periods of time with irritants in the air or how badly you itch when in contact with materials that cause a flare up of dermatitis. Because these seat covers are leatherette, they are made from hypoallergenic materials that make breathing easier while you travel.


In addition to the choice of cushioning, color, and diamond stitch, you can personalize your seat covers even further. We offer a tactical package that includes a Special OPS™ (Outdoor Pocket System) Package that is sewn into the backrest of your front seats. You get two side-opening pouches where you can store your fishing rod, tools, and rifles, as well as 3 rows of MOLLE loops, a carabiner, and two smaller pockets. 

A Pistol Pocket Add-On gives you a detachable place to store your pistol in the front of your seat with room for two magazines. The pockets are padded and lined with velour to protect the finish on your pistol. 

Maintain Resale Value 

Besides looking for a vehicle upgrade, one of the main reasons people choose seat covers is to help them protect their investment. By covering your original seats, you put up a barrier between every day wear and tear and the original material. When it comes time to trade your car in, your interior will look as good as it did the day you bought the car, or you could choose to keep the leatherette seat covers on the seats and raise the value even higher. 

At ShearComfort, we’ve been helping customers protect their investment since 1987. We focus on premium, quality seat covers because we understand that your vehicle is an extension of your lifestyle. Our product specialists have spent years ensuring that you get a custom-fit seat cover for your vehicle by guaranteeing each custom order. We only carry the best seat covers you can find in the USA and Canada, and we make ordering simple. No matter what your lifestyle, we have the comfort and fit that you deserve. 

In addition to the Sof-Touch Seat Covers, we also carry a large selection of camo covers, waterproof seat covers, NeoSupreme covers, and even Sheepskin. Shop from our catalog of car covers, dash covers, steering wheel covers, and sunshades for even more quality upgrades. 


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