The Strap Smith’s Italian Vintage Style Watch Strap Review – $189

So you got yourself that fancy watch you have always wanted. As time goes on, you wonder what could you do to make it just a little more special. Unfortunately, the majority of wristwatches that do not come on metal bracelets are accompanied by leather straps that don’t speak to the quality of the watch they are securing. Getting a custom band can quickly remedy this problem by making that watch look like a million.

Strap Smith 1

There are many custom strap makers online, but few have as good a reputation among watch lovers as The Strap Smith. Robert Farrington, better known as Rob Montana is the man behind the operation. Each of his straps are hand cut, stitched, and finished, creating a truly unique strap that is worthy for a priceless timepiece.

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Right from the start I could tell the difference between Rob’s strap and the mass produced strap that was already on my watch. The leather is extremely thick Italian leather with the straight and even stitching and high quality, brushed hardware.

Strap Smith 3

There is only one area where the stitching varied, but it is such a small amount that I realized it only after a close inspection. I was most surprised by the superior quality edge finishing compared to the old strap. Clearly, Rob takes a lot of time getting these straps perfect.

Strap Smith 4

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Without much trouble, I was able to quickly get The Strap Smith’s band on. What I’ve found with a lot of thick straps is that they are a bit cumbersome and never really break in. This wasn’t the case with Rob’s watchband. After a week of wear, the strap comfortably conformed and my watch rested neatly on my wrist. Unlike most bands, Rob’s hasn’t shown any sign of breaking down after repeated buckling and unbuckling giving me a feeling that this strap will be in my arsenal for many years to come.

Strap Smith 6


Getting a well-made custom band makes any watch shine. Rob’s does this exceptionally well. I went for the Italian Vintage style because of the unique, but subtle texture. It works perfectly on my Omega Seamaster.

Srtap Smith 11

The robust size of the strap compliment the tool watch and the subtle texture and fine finish work bring out the classy, more refined side of the watch. Even the large buckle and holes, which at first struck me as too big, give the watch more character than any of my previous straps.

Strap Smith 10

BestLeather Conclusion

The Strap Smith makes one amazing strap. Not many makers provide the leather selection, the craftsmanship or the care that Rob puts into each one of his straps.

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Although the price may seem steep to most outside of the watch enthusiast world, the quality of the product and the aesthetic value that it adds to any watch makes it more than worth it. On top of it all, Rob provides great customer service and will answer any question you have.

If you are looking to upgrade the look of your watch or give it more security on your wrist, check out The Strap Smith here.