Hidesign Hector Large 17″ Laptop Compatible Leather Backpack Review – $299.99

BestLeather had an absolutely fantastic, successful trip to Las Vegas in February for Fashion Week. Running around meeting new leather artisans and companies, making connections with popular brands, and taking the time to discuss leather with a few companies was enough to make our week fantastic. Hidesign was one of the leather brands we actually had the chance to sit down with and talk. This leather company provides a refreshing fashionable line of leather bags and accessories to BestLeather’s typically rustic product reviews – Hidesign’s product line is very refined and stylish.



Founded in 1978, Hidesign has grown into a global leather accessories brand recognized for its quality, ecological values and personalized service. By keeping its focus on a classic contemporary look, Hidesign caters to the sophisticated urban professional and executive.” This stylish business values diversity, quality, and heritage. Each of these values is evident in their contemporary products. Head over to their website to read more about the brand, their product innovation, ecological mindset, and to check out some quality leather products.

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The Hector Leather Backpack is a quality piece. This stunning bag is constructed using Hidesign’s full-grain vegetable tanned classic leather, heavy-duty contrast stitching, and 100% cotton green striped lining. Each of these elements comes together in a beautiful, chic bag. The bag consists of one large main compartment, and a smaller, slip in pocket. The main compartment was designed large enough to fit a 17” laptop in the padded sleeve. In this main partition there is also one zip pocket for pens and pencils, and two slip in pockets for other accessories. The press button closure is easy to use, yet durable, and the metal closure square is heavy duty and attention-grabbing. The leather shoulder straps are padded perfectly, and the modern metal hardware gives the bag an extremely durable impression. This bag is built with exquisite detail and materials, and will last for a very long time.

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Every man needs a good backpack. They are extremely practical, provide adequate storage, and give you the option of carry additional bags. My go-to travel set-up is a backpack, messenger or duffel, and my beautiful self. This backpack has performed exceedingly well in every situation I have put it through, whether that was going to college classes, a coffee at a local café, or travelling to various places. Measuring 11.2” by 14.4” by 5.5,” the Hector backpack is spacious. Each time I used this bag, I would take my MacBook Air with leather sleeve, charging cable, notebook, textbooks, The Pienza Penholder, a headphone case, and other assorted daily use items. I have even used this bag to pack my Olympus camera and a few lenses, all while functioning perfectly as a multi-use bag.

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The Hector backpack is gorgeous. Its elegant construction, handsome materials, and graceful feel make this backpack perfect for the modern gentlemen who appreciates purpose. The contrast stitching gives the bag an inviting look. The leather is tanned perfectly to a deep brown, and the inner green lining gives the bag just the right amount of individuality. This bag was not designed to get thrown around and abused, although it will withstand it. Like all quality leather items, attentive care and responsibility are key to this bags long-lasting lifetime. Like most of the leather items I have reviewed, I always receive compliments on this bag. It only makes sense for a backpack like this to receive praise, so people stopping and inquiring about the bag is always a good sign that my impressions are accurate.

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Hidesign is a company that appreciates modern design, practicality, and quality. The Hector Large 17″ Laptop Compatible Leather Backpack is a great example of Hidesign’s core values. You may be surprised at Hidesign’s relatively low price-points, but they absolutely do not sacrifice quality to achieve this. With a new men’s line for this spring, any of Hidesign’s products will make excellent Father’s day presents. But if you are looking for a bag that will really make an impression, the Hector backpack is the perfect bag for you. Priced at $299.99, it also won’t hurt your budget. Head over to the Hidesign America website to check out their excellent product offerings and pick up a quality Father’s day present this week.

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