Bison No. 1 Belt in Burgundy Review – $100

With a strong line of leather wallets including the No. 2 Wallet in Navy and the iPhone 5 Wallet, Bison has made the next logical leap in leather good designs – equally strong belts. Starting out with just two belt designs, Bison has once again successfully blended tough American hides with smooth sophisticated construction. Today, we get to look at the No. 1 Belt in Burgundy.


Like all Bison goods, The No. 1 belt is constructed by hand in the U.S.A. This single prime strip of thick full-grain English bridle leather is sourced from the Hermann Oak tannery in St. Louis, Missouri. All metal is solid brass casting. A buckle and belt loop are fastened to the belt with solid brass Chicago screws so the belt may be disassembled to switch buckles. You can then pick a raw brass finishing option or brushed nickel plating. Sizing is according to the conventional fashion standard similar to buying jeans and not to true measured size. Belt width measures 3.5 cm.  This belt definitely feels tougher than it looks and you can feel the weight and strength of the leather in your hands when comparing it to those typical “fashion” belts you see at the mall.

BisonNo1Belt4 BisonNo1Belt3 BisonNo1Belt2


I put this belt to the test. Both a coworker and I tried it on, sat down, stood up, and walked around, and it was able to hold back the leviathans that are our midsections without difficulty. Upon taking off the belt (yes, my coworker wanted to keep it for himself), there was no evidence of any permanent creasing, warping, or frayed edges, even after multiple wears. The Chicago screw features adds some versatility to the belt in case you want to switch up the buckle with your own selection not offered on the website.



Bison goods have a simple, clean sophistication to them and this belt fits right in. The leather is uniformly dyed without any marks, blemishes, or uneven coloring even in harsh lighting conditions. The edges are unwaxed but have a nice smooth fully-dyed and burnished look to them. This allows the belt to work in both the casual and dress settings particularly with the raw brass option. The No. 1 belt also comes in golden tan, cognac, brown, and black color options all in Hermann Oak English bridle leather. For even more options, buyers can pick a more modern buckle style with the No. 2 Belt.


No one will fault you for taking off your belt in the office and showing it off on your desk.


The Bison No. 1 Belt in Burgundy is a classy yet versatile belt with quality that you can see and feel. Stop wasting your time and money repeatedly buying cheap leather designer belts that fall apart on the clearance rack. At $100, the No. 1 Belt is a worthy investment that will put your other generic cowhide belts to shame.

Bison No. 2 Wallet in Navy Review – $65

Bison has been hard at work over this past year upgrading and adding to their online store of top notch American made leather goods. Since their iPhone 5 Leather Wallet was first reviewed in February, the Bison workshop has put out some new materials and colors to their growing collections. I was lucky enough to get my hands on their popular No. 2 Wallet in their newest leather option – Horween Chromexcel in Navy.


Like all Bison goods, this bad boy is made of the best of American leather using precise hand techniques and strict quality control.  The leather used in the construction of the No. 2 Wallet is sourced from the Chromexcel leather line of the Horween Leather Company in Chicago, Illinois or the English Bridle leather line of the Hermann Oak tannery in St. Louis Missouri. Each piece is hand constructed with only a single piece of prime leather gently folded and stitched together to create two separate compartments. There are no linings, rubber, or glue. The stitching comes with Bison’s lifetime warranty of course. All together, this wallet measures in at a sleek 3.7” × 2.5” × .1”.



This sleek wallet is designed to be minimalistic and slim – perfect for a night out or when you don’t want that awkward bulge protruding from your pant pocket. There’s really not much more to say about function because it does what it’s supposed to. It holds things.



While the No. 2 wallet holds things in, Bison’s packaging holds nothing back. There are no cost-cutting measures when it comes to the multi-layer packaging and production.

BisonNo2Wallet02 BisonNo2Wallet08

For something so small, you would think there’s not much to say, but here is where this wallet really stands out. The design is so simple, but you would have to be blind to miss the many little added touches that demonstrate the precision of the craftsmanship. The stitching is flawless, the edges are cut impeccably, and the weight balance is perfect. Don’t forget to look inside and catch the flash of the Bison emblem emblazoned in gold on the side.


This particular Navy color, unique to Horween Chromexcel, is sophisticated and dressy, but has just enough pop to add some edge. There are 9 other colors if you can’t decide on just one (natural, golden tan, cognac, burgundy, brown, whisky, malbec, jet top stitch, and jet.)



The Bison No. 2 Wallet in Navy  for $65 is a must-have for Horween leather lovers. For everyone else, there are nine other color options to choose from. The decision to get this slim wallet is as simple as its design. With its sophisticated packaging and classic design, the No. 2 wallet is a well-priced gift option for you or a loved one this coming season.