Loctote Flak Sack II Anti Theft Backpack Review – $129.00

It all started last week. My wife and daughter were at the community pool, it was a blistering 90 plus outside and the place was packed. We grabbed a patch of grass by the fences, about 30 feet from the water. We had brought our phones and wallets with us and obviously couldn’t take them in the water, so we took turns swimming with our daughter. It was ridiculous. It was after that ordeal that I started looking for a secure option to store our personal belongings when out and about. That’s how I found out about the Loctote Flak Sack II Anti Theft Backpack.


The Flak Sack is built like a traditional drawstring pack with some very interesting features. The fabric is made from Loctote’s proprietary Flaknit, a highly slash and abrasion resistant material. Loctote states this bag scored an impressive A9 cut level. I believe this is an actual ANSI based guideline, so this rates up there for safety equipment used in industrial applications where contact with dangerously sharp materials is performed frequently. The drawstrings are also made of slash resistant textiles. The bag has a large open compartment with a smaller RFID blocking fleece lined interior. We also see a steel reinforced locking strap to keep prying hands out.

The bag weighs about 2lbs empty (including lock) and measures in at 18”x14”


The Flak Sack II functions much like your standard drawstring bag. The material is a little rigid and less pliable than nylon, which is kind of expected given the security features. The main compartment makes stowing gear pretty easy, but this bag will fill up quick, and you can’t stuff it to the brim. I found out the hard way because you can’t cinch it completely shut and get the lock on if it’s packed. So definitely try to keep the bag about 75% loaded at most. 

The drawstrings are also slash resistant. I think it would have been great if they had steel cable running through them to add even more reinforcement. There’s video of guys making multiple attempts at slashing them though with little success though, but you’d have to be at it awhile and cause a scene to get this bag open. The locking function is pretty easy once you see it done on video. Once secured the bag is cinched so tight you can’t even get a finger inside the bag.

The major selling point for me is the ability to lock it to stationary objects like posts or fences. I wish I had this bag in college. You could leave your expensive electronics locked to your bedpost! The RFID blocking feature is a nice bonus, although I pity whomever wasted their time trying to get into my laughable finances in the first place.


Drawstring bags aren’t typically great looking, usually towing the line between teenager at soccer practice and gym bro man bag. However Loctote did a nice job “adulting” it up a bit. The material is inherently thicker, so the bag has a more quality look and feel to it. The leather accents really do a great job at adding a subtle flair to the bag. It comes in a few other colorways like heather and digital camo if you want something a little more conspicuous. 


I want to point out that no anti theft device is fail proof. However, Loctote’s Flak Sack II definitely adds peace of mind when storing your goods. The fact that the Flak Knit material is so resistant to cuts and punctures just adds to the “It” factor. I like the fact that I’m wearing a bag that could quite literally double as a shield against edged weapons. I wish it was a little bigger and cost a little less, but that’s the price of innovation. All in all, it’s definitely worth a look if you travel with a lot of expensive goodies and find yourself away from your pack at times.

Triple Aught Design Fast Pack Litespeed Backpack Review – $255

I’ve been somewhat of a backpack (that’s a bookbag for you east coasters) connoisseur ever since I got my first leather bottom Jansport in the 5th grade. Ever since I’ve been experimenting with carry options. I had a bag for travel, school, work, etc. Having so many bags laying around was starting to become ridiculous however.  It was there that I started searching for the one bag to rule them all and in the darkness bind the- excuse me, what I meant to say was that I wanted a bag that could adapt and meet the needs of nearly any activity I could throw at it. In that search I discovered the FAST Pack Litespeed by Triple Aught Design.

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An almost unparalleled amount of detail is poured into this bag. The price tag seems justifiable when you realize it’s not only made in the US, but it probably took someone quite a while to build it.

The Fast Pack features several advanced textiles in its construction. The exterior shell is made from 1000 Denier Invista Cordura Fabric. In case you’re wondering, Denier refers to the fiber thickness of individual threads. Typically the higher the number, the more durable the fabric. For reference, most Jansport packs are 600D. This pack also sports YKK zippers with paracord pulls and pretty much all the plastic buckles are ITW GhillieTEX.

Padding in the shoulder straps and back are sourced from Evazote Closed Cell Cross-Linked Ethylene Copolymer Foam. I fell asleep during rocket scientist class but a bit of research reveals this product has many uses in products over a vast area from gym mats to industrial gaskets. If this stuff performs in a Mack truck then surely your tender shoulders will be in good hands.

The back padding utilizes DRI-LEX Aerospacer Moisture Management Mesh. This mesh is often used in shoes and is noted for its moisture redistribution system. Essentially soaking up the sweat off your back and transporting it elsewhere.

Hypalon is  Synthetic Rubber is used in specially reinforced areas. This is another high tech material with great resistance to chemicals, temperature extremes and UV light. If you’ve ever found yourself in a life raft, chances are it was made of Hypalon.


The TAD Fast Pack Litespeed is designed to be a light, relatively compact bag for minimal carry…with the modular potential to do so much more. One could write a lengthy tome on the functionality of this bag. Out of the box it has a large main compartment with a clamshell design that opens up to two mesh zippered pockets. The outside has a small zippered pocket right above the velcro patch area. If you’re unfamiliar with the MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system, it might be confusing seeing all the webbing on this bag. Those are basically attachment points for aftermarket MOLLE bags, pouches, etc. Bummed there’s no water bottle pouch on this bag? Simple get a MOLLE water bottle holder, don’t need the water bottle holder? Take it off. That’s where the brilliance of this bag shines. You can customize it for whatever you need.

Thanks to the numerous tie down options, I was easily able to stow my rod onto my pack. This bag is like a faithful wing man in that it literally and metaphorically has your back.
I was working on a deck located on a hill side, carrying a tool box was kind of a pain and I’m not really a tool belt kind of guy, so I stashed my drills and bits into the Lite Speed and was able to traverse the slope with my tools.
The webbing works great for MOLLE packs and adds so much more to the feature set of this pack. Here I have a water bottle holder and small accessory pack securely attached to the bag, I can remove them when I don’t need them, and that’s damn near priceless.
The rear flap can flip down and has a pocket for stowing a tripod, engineering blueprints or even a Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range model air rifle. Oooooooh!


There seems to be a division in tastes when it comes to “tactical” backpacks. Some feel all the velco, patches and webbing is overkill relegated to mall ninjas or doomsday preppers. With the TAD Litespeed you can deck it out aesthetically almost as much as you can functionally. If you want to put a Punisher skull morale patch, magazine molle pouches and a paracord fob on the zippers, go for it. I personally feel the bag in black has a more sophisticated appeal. I like to keep the exterior streamlined and with the prevalent selection of velcro patches available you can personalize the bag endlessly, and it’s pretty fun to do so. The quality materials make this bag stand out among similar bags, almost like a good paint job on a car. I definitely would have preferred an internal pouch on the sides as opposed to so much Pals webbing, but it does come in handy when swapping between a water bottle pouch, or a tripod sling.

I consider this bag first and foremost a tool, and like pointing out the aesthetics of a screwdriver, I find it a somewhat moot point. I think this bag looks awkward when it’s decked out in camo and molle attachments at the airport, however at the range or on the trail it suddenly becomes not just a pack, but a serious piece of indispensable armor.


At the end of the day, I’m convinced the TAD Fast Pack Litespeed can raise to almost any occasion thrown at it, although it will cost you a fair ransom to tweak the pack to your needs. The overbuilt construction present an extreme value that will definitely alleviate the cost of ownership for a bag that can easily replace several bags in your closet. The styling isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for a quality, versatile pack I can say this bag warrants a second and third look.

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Floto Imports Roma Backpack Review – $280

Shopping for leather backpacks can get overwhelming when weighing the benefits of the look versus the added weight of choosing leather. Most of the time, a well-constructed full or top grain leather backpack is going to weigh considerably more than its canvas or nylon counterparts. Joe Floto from Floto Imports very generously sent in the Floto Roma Backpack for review, which provides a solid middle ground by using beautiful leather and overall relatively lightweight construction.

We have previously reviewed other products from Floto Imports, and have learned that they are a very budget-friendly way to get into Italian leather goods while also getting great quality and customer service.

The Roma backpack worn on a female friend. Note the dimensions lead it to be a schoolbook/travel sized pack, not necessarily for expeditions.


The bag is constructed of full grain calfskin leather that has been vegetable tanned and polished in Tuscany. This particular color is their Olive Honey Brown, but the backpack is also available in a deep red, black, and dark brown colors. The interior is raw, leaving the suede finish of the underside of the calfskin hide. There are sections such as the backing of the side and front pocket flaps which appear to be covered with pigskin suede, that has a nice soft feel. The backpack is complete with metal nickel-plated hardware in the form of buckles, snap buttons, d-rings, and rivets. The top handle is constructed substantially with hardware and rivets, while also holding an appealing appearance. The bag dimensions are listed as 14″ H x 14″ W x 9 ” L.

The main drawstring compartment shows the suede-side of leather with a soft yet fibrous texture.


As primarily a satchel/messenger guy, I typically don’t carry backpacks. Switching to the Roma Backpack did not include any frustrations in terms of what my usual bag capacity is. Having carried heavier leather backpacks before, I found joy in knowing that the leather itself did not compromise the weight, driving me to run home and change for a lighter pack. I appreciated the fact that the side pockets can hold full size 16-20oz bottles, or a smaller umbrella while being able to close. The website states they are fit for most 16oz water bottles, but I experienced a bit more size. For reference, a common 23oz Ice Mountain plastic water bottle had no problem fitting in the pocket, nor did a 16oz Stanley Coffee mug or 27oz Kleen Canteen Reflect bottle.

Button snaps are noticeably faster to open compartments as opposed to undoing the buckles.

The front pocket is easily the most convenient storage method on the bag, as like the side pockets, it is secured with button snaps. I used this pocket for pens, a small camera, and pocket notebook. The main compartment sports a drawstring closure that is easy to cinch down and opened up wide. I was able to carry an iPad, a few school books and an extra jacket, with room to spare despite the bags overall smaller size. I am not particularly enamored with the closure for the main compartment – the small buckle does not seem robust and does not allow as fast of access as it would with a snap button or glide buckle.The backpack back straps are adjustable and did not dig into my shoulder blades when wearing t-shirts and sweaters. However, if one is choosing to wear a tank top or sleeveless shirt, the edges of the straps may take time to break in and soften up. The carry handle was useful for easily picking the back up to put on, but I did not carry the bag with the handle for extended periods of time.

Handle on the top of the Roma Backpack, making it easy to pick up and put on, as well as hang up for storage.


Now on to the main reason some will choose a leather backpack: its pure beauty. I have to admit at first I did not think I would enjoy the polished leather look, but over my use I have definitely learned to love it. The tanning process along with the polishing of this bag makes a very soft, luxurious feel. The white thread creates a high-contrast stitch that pops in the sunlight.While they do use a semi-gloss coating to finish the bag, I had to remember that it was vegetable tanned, thus not as resistant to water stains without treatment. A small water stain happened from water droplets on the top flap, but had I used a proper leather protection prior to element exposure, I don’t think it would have left a mark.

On this top flap, I did have a slight water stain from being caught in light rain. At a quick glance it is not noticeable, but it is to the right of the buckle strap.


Coming in at a price of about $280, it’s more expensive than your typical nylon or canvas pack, but the look and feel of the leather makes up for it. Floto bags come with limited lifetime warranties while the company also has a repair service for situations in which the bag would not be covered, such as airline damage. Being lightweight for full grain, the Floto Roma Backpack is certainly a good option for those wanting the look of a leather backpack unaccompanied by the usual added weight.

WotanCraft Phantom Travel Backpack Review – $1000

We see a lot of great products at BestLeather, mainly due to the fact we seek out exemplary companies to review with. I’ve had the supreme pleasure of taking a look at several products from WotanCraft. This time around we’re examining the WotanCraft Phantom Travel Backpack, a strikingly designed pack that aims to handle all of your carry needs and look damn good doing so. Does it fit the bill? Let’s find out.

The Phantom’s exterior shell is entirely made from vegetable tanned cowhide Italian leather. The red spine plate uses English Royal Saddle cowhide leather.

It has a thick, substantial feel to it and emits a luxurious leather scent – I’ve wore the pack as a hat more than once just to enjoy the aroma.  All compartments feature a velveteen lining which translates into an incredibly tech friendly bag.  High strength metal hardware accentuates the bag along with bronze YKK rustproof coated zippers. The bottom of the pack features high density foam lining to provide shock absorption to interior contents. Bag roughly measures 11”x 6” x 19” I’d estimate the capacity around 1,500 cubic inches. The bag weighs approximately 4lbs 12oz empty. The main compartment has zippered top access with flap. Side non zippered compartments use a strap to knob closure and the front pocket is button fastened.

The Phantom is a pretty straightforward pack. Styled after traditional rucksacks, the Phantom has the large top accessed main compartment. Inside of that there are 2 slotted pockets good for water bottle, telephoto lens, etc.

The waterproof camera insert (Sold separately Size XS) can be positioned at the top of the bag’s main compartment, and thanks to the vertical zipper on the back, you can still access your other gear from underneath. The back of the Phantom is padded and the stiff red leather backbone adds rigidity to the pack.

The side cylindrical shaped pockets have pull tabs and are great for water bottles or similarly shaped objects. The pouch on the front has a button closure and is great for storing medium sized items such as thin hoodies or snacks. Overall its a very functional strap, with some tradeoffs. There are no sternum or waist straps so heavier loads might be more strenuous, also due to the lack of padding on the shoulder straps. I wouldn’t try hiking with the Phantom but normal everyday loads are more than manageable.  

The Phantom is truly a striking pack. Simply put, it refuses to blend in. I feel with the black color you’ll either gravitate to it or opt out. I would really like to see this bag also offered in brown someday. The leather is of such a fine quality that the pack exhibits a subdued sheen. Unlike cheap “genuine leathers” or even worse….bonded leathers that reflect light like Uncle Phil’s head from Fresh Prince, the Phantom seems to absorb light.

This enigmatic luster gives the bag an understated testimony to the skill and craftsmanship involved in its conception. Aside from the hidden top opening, the lack of zippers, velcro and other modern pack features really make the Phantom a timeless bag that will never feel dated. The red spine on the back panel lends just the right amount of intrigue. Just looking at the bag is comparable to watching a  suspense thriller while indulging in tiramisu…all the while riding top speed at Le Mans; all in the span of a few seconds.

The WotanCraft Phantom Travel Backpack is on another echelon entirely. For a more down to earth guy like myself, it would be hard for me to comprehend the thousand dollar price tag. Sure, you can get a bag literally one tenth the price that does as much. However I like to play devil’s advocate and defend the point most owners of high end watches argue, it’s not that they just “tell the time” but its the thought, complexity, skill, inspiration and passion that are involved that set them apart from others. I feel this is true for the Phantom,  although in the words of the great Levar Burton, “But you don’t have to take my word for it.”

Also note WotanCraft’s Christmas Special is still on which offers free gifts based on purchase amount.

The Sandast Debbie Backpack – 17 Months Later

Francis Bacon said, “Age appears to be best in four things; old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.” He’s certainly spot on…but, I’d add one more element to the list and that is fine leather goods. Age is not an enemy to well made leather, but a welcomed ally who helps take what is beautiful when new to spectacular as it ages.

Back in September of 2014, I unboxed my first piece of Sandast’s leather goods. And, I’m extremely happy to say that since then I’ve added several more beautiful pieces, which will be reviewed here in the next few weeks. Since producing the initial review on the Debbie Backpack it has been a constant companion for my wife and has traveled many, many miles with her. It has accompanied her several times on travels throughout the Pacific Northwest, trips to New Jersey and Florida. And of course it has accompanied her locally on hundreds of occasions.

Sandast Gregory Update 1

After consistent use in the past 17 months here are some highlights of the Debbie Backpack:

  • Plenty of storage
  • Plenty of pockets/pouches for organization
  • Ease of entry – this is a big deal for my wife. She pretty emphatic about her lack of interest in using buckles or lobster style clasps to get in and out of bags. She wants egress that’s quick and easy. Sandast delivers just that for her with the tuck lock closure on the main flap and the magnetic closures on the outside pockets.
  • Ease of carry and comfort. This may trump style and appearance for her at times. Ultimately, the Debbie Backpack meets these needs and scores big time on the aesthetic side of things too. While on a family reunion/vacation to Disney World in the fall of 2015 she carried this bag for miles and hours at a time traipsing through the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Springs, and Hollywood Studios. Naturally, it performed flawlessly for her and ne’er was a complaint ever mentioned.
  • It gets noticed. In spite of the hordes of people standing in line after line while at Disney multiple people commented and questioned her about the pack. The same holds true of flight attendants, TSA workers, and desk clerks at hotels…the Debbie pack garners attention.

Sandast Gregory Update 3

The Debbie Backpack was beautiful right out of the box. But, I must say it’s looking much more awesome now. Time and use…these are great companions for quality leather goods. As mentioned in the initial review article, Sandast uses vegetable tanned leather from Horween. One of the great hallmarks of vegetable tanned leather is its ability to develop a patina unique to the user. Typically vegetable tanned leather darkens with use and develops a much deeper and more robust color. The Debbie Backpack has ‘matured’ nicely. The cognac color is a bit deeper and the grain of the leather, which was already beautiful, is just much more prevalent and takes center stage when you take time to truly examine the bag.

The interior plaid fabric is still in pristine condition and I expect it will stay that way for many years to come. The hardware on the backpack is aging equally well too. This is the benefit of utilizing true, high quality hardware. The Riri zipper, the French made buckles, the drawstring end caps, and the Italian made tuck lock all continue to perform flawlessly and maintain their classy appearance.

Sandast Gregory Update 5
The Debbie in line at Magic Kingdom

As far as maintaining and caring for the leather, this is certainly not laborious. The Debbie Backpack has only had a couple of treatments with an all natural cleaner conditioner (props to DropForge Leather Care’s Leather Cream) and that’s it. Really, not much more is necessary. There are folks who will disagree – even companies who ascribe to the idea that you must “feed your leather” with their products. Perhaps that’s so with their particular bags…but, that would make me question the true quality of their leather’s tanning process if it dries out that easily.

Remember, one of the hallmarks of great vegetable tanned leather is the patina. Time and use are the way that is developed properly. To think your bag will maintain the “as new” look forever by applying copious amounts of conditioners, creams, oils, and the like is really misguided. Your great vegetable tanned leather bag is supposed to change with age. Let it. Yes, protect it – but don’t work feverishly on it in the fruitless attempt to keep it in “new” condition. “Live Your Legacy”, which is Sandast’s mantra, is exactly what I’m talking about here. Let your bag develop that legacy…it’s designed to do it. The cool part is the role you play in that legacy and what it becomes.

The Sandast Debbie Backpack is truly an outstanding product and as mentioned in the initial review, it’s well worthy of the Buy It For Life title. It’s worth every dollar. As you use it and appreciate it over time, you’ll never regret your decision to purchase it.

Sandast Gregory Update 2Sandast Gregory

LederMann Rugged Leather Briefcase Messenger Bag Backpack Review – $455

We’re changing things up a little bit here. That doesn’t sound quite right. We’re working to add a new component to our BestLeather readers with the addition of some occasional short video reviews of the products that we review. Our first foray into this is a feature style on LederMann’s newest bag – their Rugged Leather Briefcase Messenger Bag Backpack. And, apologies in advance for some of the wind noise in the video.

As you can assume from the name of the bag, it’s multipurpose in its design. It can easily serve as a formal, large briefcase. It functions very well as a messenger bag for casual, less formal business or scholarly pursuits. It can easily work as a classy overnight bag. And, you can load it up, reconfigure the shoulder strap and carry it backpack style. This is a new style of leather that LederMann is offering too. This “Rugged Leather” style has a unique texture to it and looks to offer great longevity and should develop an excellent patina with time and use. The Rugged Leather has a bit of a rough out feel to it…but certainly not that rough. It’s just similar.


We highlight most of these items in the video, but here’s a quick rundown of the LederMann bag’s features:

  • Thick Full Grain Leather, 4 – 5 oz. (2 – 2.2 mm)
  • Suede Lining
  • Heavy-duty, Industrial Nylon Thread
  • Machine Pressed Heavy Duty Rivets at all stress points.
  • Size: 16″W X 12″H X 6″D inch.
  • Front Pocket/Compartment Size: 13″W x 9″H x 1.5″D inch for the open
    pocket compartment
  • Easily converts to a Backpack.
  • When you order from LederMann, you enjoy free shipping to United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia,
    Italy, France, Germany and many other countries.


LederMann is also going to be sponsoring a giveaway for a slightly different bag featuring this same new rugged leather. So, be on the lookout for that very soon. And, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter too as we’ll be sending out a special promotion from LederMann offering some fantastic savings just for BestLeather readers! In the meantime, please check out the LederMann website and look at all of the great, well made leather products they create and sell there.


Fjallraven Rucksack #21 Large Review – $225

I don’t think I have ever met anyone who didn’t enjoy a few days away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It truly is a natural thing that we all require to keep functioning. As you know I really do enjoy the luxury life, so completely abandoning everything is very difficult for me. But, when I do get the opportunity to sneak away, I love to have some of the finest, high quality gear to bring on my travels. The Fjallraven No. 21 Rucksack is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for quality, do-it-all gear.

Fjallraven No 21 Rucksack 1



Like many of the leather companies we have reviewed, Fjallraven began because of a distinct lack in quality, specialized goods. Fjallraven was founded by Åke Nordin in Northern Sweden. Åke was an adventurous boy when he realized the world needed better, long-lasting framed packs. His designs were the first of its kind, and once it caught the attention of other adventurers, by 1960 Fjallraven was officially born. With the base principles, of functionality, durability, and dependability, Fjallraven has grown into an enormous, world-wide adventure-seeking company. Adeptly named after the Arctic Fox, each and every Fjallraven bag resembles the traits of this tough, steadfast predator and the Fjallraven base principles.

Fjallraven No 21 Rucksack 2



The No. 21 Large Rucksack is constructed using natural vegetable tanned leather, YKK hardware, and Fjallraven’s signature heavy-duty G-1000 fabric. The rucksack is extremely durable and spacious. Standing at 52cm high by 29cm wide by 15cm deep, the rucksack is capable of 30 L of space. The thick leather straps attach securely to the metal posts and then are held in place by the metal loops, which covers the main compartment opening sheltered by a snow lock. The inside of the bag is very simple with only the large main compartment, padded laptop sleeve, and small items zippered case. The most durable, and most important part of this rucksack’s construction are the padded shoulder straps attached to sturdy leather strips with metal rivets. These straps are some of the more secure feeling shoulder straps I have pleasured my back with. The No. 21 Large Rucksack is constructed extremely well, and will definitely last for many, many adventures.

Fjallraven No 21 Rucksack 4



I recently took the No. 21 Rucksack on a trip to Banff National Park. I was happy to be wearing the Fjallraven bag on my way to the Lake Agnes Tea House. In the bag I had an extra outfit, hoodie sweatshirt, Olympus camera, GoPro Hero 4, knife and flashlight, two bottles of water, portable power pack and phone charger, a glasses case, my tobacco pipe, and a Kammok camping hammock with straps. I actually still had room left over to put more things had I needed them. The No. 21 Rucksack functioned flawlessly. While I did receive a little irritation on my lower back from the leather rubbing my shirt, I realized later it was only because I had accidentally offset the adjustable shoulder straps when I was putting the bag on. The rucksack is a fantastic adventure bag with more than enough space for essential adventure items.

Fjallraven No 21 Rucksack 3



The natural vegetable tanned leather is extremely soft and has already developed a lovely patina from consistent use. I have actually had this bag since February, so I have definitely used it often and taken it with me on several trips and motorcycle rides around central Oregon. The G-1000 material is pleasantly pliable, but still has that sturdy, well-made feel. The No. 21 Rucksack has been treated with Greenland wax, giving it an eco-friendly weather-resistant exterior. The rucksack comes in three sizes and several different colors. Each one contrasts perfectly with the natural leather and will definitely make a stylish adventure bag.

Fjallraven No 21 Rucksack 8



I have been very pleased by the Fjallraven No. 21 Large Rucksack. Fjallraven has done an excellent job combining the high-quality materials, adept functionality, and durability to make a great adventure backpack. If you are looking for a bag that can truly function in all conditions and settings, head over to the Fjallraven website and pick out a size and color. At only $225, the No. 21 Large Rucksack is a wise investment for the adventure-seeking traveller.


Fjallraven No 21 Rucksack 5 Fjallraven No 21 Rucksack 6 Fjallraven No 21 Rucksack 7 Fjallraven No 21 Rucksack 9

Arcane Supply Co Introduces Hinterlander Backpack on KickStarter

Here at BestLeather, we’re always on the hunt for great up and coming products. Arcane Supply Co dropped perfectly into our crosshairs with the introduction of their Hinterlander backpack. With rugged good looks and superior craftsmanship, you’ll be eying this bag with all the fervor of a hungry lion on the Serengeti . Catch is, you’ve got a direct role in making this happen.

Hinterlander (2)

Philadelphia based Arcane Supply Co has spent nearly a year developing what they feel will be the only bag you’ll ever need. Inspired by the vintage rucksacks of Switzerland’s Elite Ski Patrol, The Hinterlander’s pedigree so far looks promising given the materials used:

  • US 18oz Martexin waxed canvas (24oz weight after waxing)
  • US veg tanned English Bridle leather
  • Wool Felt shoulder strap

Designed to be as versatile as it is rugged, the Hinterlander backpack is aimed to serve as a faithful companion from the jungle to the streets. If the Kickstarter Goal is met, BestLeather will do a full review on the Hinterlander, plus, Arcane Supply Co will host a BestLeather Giveaway for the pack as well! Their Kickstarter campaign begins Friday April 24th, so be sure to check it out and give your support if you want to see this put into full production.

Hinterlander (3)

Lineo Rollup Parva from Orox Leather Review – $445

Orox Leather is a family owned and operated manufacturer of leather goods based out of Portland, Oregon. They feature a full line of interesting and cool leather goods, including leather/canvas lunch bags, leather/canvas backpacks, totes, wallets, and bicycle gear. This is one of their leather/canvas backpacks, the Lineo Rollup Parva in Grey.

The Lineo Rollup Parva in Grey
The Lineo Rollup Parva in Grey


The Lineo Rollup Parva bag features waxed canvas with English bridle leather straps from Pennsylvania, and oil tan leather accents from Red Wing in Minnesota. The shoulder straps are stitched on with nylon thread and the leather accents are attached with copper rivets.

The English Bridle shoulder straps are stitched to the canvas with nylon thread.
The English Bridle shoulder straps are stitched to the canvas with nylon thread.

The waxed canvas is unbelievably waterproof. I rode with this pack through a complete deluge and my stuff was totally dry. Absolutely fitting for a company based out of rainy Portland, Oregon.

The bridle leather straps are lightweight and strong. Bridle leather is associated with durability and using it on the shoulder straps indicates a commitment to quality and longevity.

The copper rivets featured on the leather accents.
The copper rivets featured on the leather accents.

The stitching is solid and well done — not suitable for hundreds of pounds, obviously, but great for light loads and daily carry stuff.


This has become my go-to bag for daily stuff, as well as my main cycling bag — trips to the coffee shop, carrying water, a book, my pipe and a few different tins of tobacco, a notebook or two, maybe a sketchbook, etc. This is the perfect bag for riding around town and enjoying the day. It seriously weighs nothing. It will fit exactly what you need for the day and still have room for something extra if you need the space — plus, it will keep everything dry if a rain storm comes up.

It also features a unique locking system on the shoulder straps, which took me a few weeks to figure out. There are two claw clasps on the shoulder straps that act as the anchor for the strap itself (hard to explain, but check out the photo above). There are two D-rings — when the bag is in normal-unlocked mode, the claws are attached to the upper rings. But, if you want to lock the bag to you, then simply unhook the claws, cross them across your chest, and attach them to the lower D-ring. This is a great design — it is incredibly secure.

The D-ring and claw clasp setup.
The D-ring and claw clasp setup.

The inner pocket is fairly spacious and features a divider to separate out your documents/laptop/reading material etc. and it features two smaller outer pockets to hold a journal, keys, wallet, etc. Great function in the pockets.

Nice design feature on the inner pocket.
Nice design feature on the inner pocket.

This bag also functions as a great ice breaker with the ladies. No need to start an awkward conversation when the conversation starts on its own with this beautiful conversation piece. Just a thought.


I have received more compliments on this bag than any other bag that I own — period. It is a cool looking bag — that classic leather on canvas look, complemented by the simply beautiful roll-top. It is a very simple design, but classically cool and aesthetically beautiful.

Leather on grey canvas -- classy, classic, and stylish.
Leather on grey canvas — classy, classic, and stylish.

The tan leather on the grey canvas is perfectly contrasting and the copper rivets on the tan leather is a beautiful touch. 10 stars. Perfect landing. Aesthetically speaking, this bag is perfect.

Also, any ladies out there looking for a good looking but not super rugged leather and canvas bag, this is a great option.

BestLeather conclusion

If you are looking for a cool, beautiful, classic, simple backpack, think twice before you click “buy” on the Herschel Supply bag and check out the Lineo Rollup Parva from Orox Leather. At $445, you are getting what you pay for — a well built, well designed, well functioning and unbelievably cool looking bag.

The Lineo Rollup Parva: a beautiful bag from Orox Leather
The Lineo Rollup Parva: a beautiful bag from Orox Leather