What is Peccary Leather?

In this article, we will learn about the source of peccary leather, its characteristics, and what kinds of products it is used for. We will also briefly discuss how to maintain peccary leather products, some advantages and disadvantages of this unique leather, and compare it with similar leather from other sources.

Where Does Peccary Leather Come From

The peccary is a medium-sized mammal belonging to the pig family, which slightly resembles the wild boar or warthog. Peccaries are native to southwestern North America as well as Central and South America. They are wild animals, so they are not raised on farms, but hunted for their hides. The best hides come from wild peccaries in Peru.

The legal hunting of peccaries is strictly controlled by CITES guidelines, ensuring that they are not overhunted. This means that the peccary leather, if sourced legally, is sustainable and will not harm the environment. This also ensures that the supply of peccary hides is restricted, thus making it more valuable.


Peccary leather is prized for its durability, elasticity and suppleness. This kind of leather is hard-wearing and if treated with care, peccary gloves can last a lifetime. Because the material is so tough and strong, it is difficult to damage gloves made from peccary leather through normal usage.


Peccary leather has a soft, grainy surface which can be recognized by visible hair pores in groups of three. Some manufacturers prefer to use only leather from the animal’s back. This results in the leather having a characteristic look, with all the follicles being horizontal. The leather also has a gleaming look.

Because peccaries are wild animals that live a rough life, the leather often has scars and other defects, indicating that this hide is genuine peccary leather. The leather can be chrome-tanned and dyed into several colors or vegetable-tanned and left undyed for a more natural look.

Products Peccary is Commonly Used For

Peccary leather is primarily used for high-end gloves. Only exceedingly skilled master glove cutters can cut the peccary hide correctly, resulting in a uniquely well-fitting product. All peccary gloves must be hand sewn due to the quality of the leather. You can read a review we wrote on gloves made out of peccary leather here

The leather from peccaries is also used for footwear, jackets and bags. As expected from such a high-quality material, these products are targeted at the premium and luxury market.


Purchasing peccary leather products such as gloves has several advantages. First, this material is considered luxurious and very fashionable. Second, genuine peccary products are long-lasting and will be worth the extra money you pay for it – you won’t have to buy a new pair of gloves to replace a worn out pair, which you would need to if you purchased something less durable. Third, not only is the leather comfortable and soft, it will also grow softer the more you wear it.


Although peccary leather is a beautiful and highly-functional material, products made from peccary leather do require some care to keep them looking good and to maintain the fit. It is also somewhat expensive compared to other commonly used leathers, but this also makes it more exclusive. It is suitable for gloves, but not for furniture and other uses where thicker leather is required.

How to Care for Peccary

In order to ensure that your peccary gloves continue to give you great service for many years, you should take care of them by following some simple rules. Do not lubricate the gloves, except for on the palm, which might be showing signs of drying out after a year of use.

Try not to get them wet, since the grain is sensitive to moisture. In case they get wet, place the gloves on a towel and let them dry naturally without any heating. Another piece of advice is to try to leave a day between wearing your peccary gloves and alternate between two pairs.

Comparable Types of Leather

A similar leather is Carpincho, which is derived from the Capybara, a kind of large semi-aquatic rodent native to South America. It looks similar to suede and is characterized by its distinctive pore structure. Like peccary, carpincho is well-known for its durability, softness, and functionality in the field. However, it is less expensive than peccary leather since it is considered inferior in quality.

Deerskin is also similar to peccary, since it has great strength and elasticity. Deerskin is a popular material for gloves as it tends to get softer and more supple with age and wear. Because the grain is porous it is therefore a bit sensitive, but also has a rugged appearance with more grain on the surface.


In conclusion, peccary is a fashionable, luxurious material for apparel and footwear, with great durability, comfort and looks. If you’re looking for high-end leather products that will fit you well and last for a lifetime, you can’t go wrong with peccary. Make sure that you buy from a reputed seller who can guarantee sustainably-sourced peccary leather.

Other Similar Leathers:

Some other kinds of leather similar to peccary you might want to look at are:

  • Deerskin
  • Carpincho
  • Elk leather
  • Reindeer