Waskerd Madison 3-Pocket Slim Wallet – $75

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The Waskerd Madison 3-Pocket Slim Wallet arrived at my doorstep about mid-September. After opening up the attractive packaging and inspecting this fine looking, well-put-together wallet, it was quickly “claimed” by my oldest son. It’s a tough crowd here in my house when it comes to leather products. My crew sees a lot of leather come through and when they jump on something, it means it’s a good piece.


About Waskerd

We’re not strangers to Derek Shaw and his Waskerd Leather creations. BestLeather has reviewed a couple of his wallets in the past: the Pinnell Money Clip Wallet and the Slim Strayer Wallet. Recently Derek relocated to Norfolk, VA from Philadelphia, PA and has continued his business there.



As with Waskerd’s other wallets, the Madison is made from thick, full grain leather. And, it sports the heavy gauge, waxed polyester thread that has become a hallmark of Derek’s designs. The stitching is all done by hand and is impeccable. At common stress points, the stitching is reinforced. Derek also offers your choice of seven thread colors on all of his wallets. On this particular wallet, we chose black, which I think creates a clean, classy look for the wallet.



Prior to my son snatching this piece from me, I was able to load the wallet up to test its capacity. With two pockets on the inside and one external pocket, it can carry all of your wallet essentials with ease. I was able to easily keep two cards in the outside pocket (my license and debit card) and 3 cards in each of the internal pockets. If I had the luxury of having cash on hand, I would have easily been able to accommodate several bills as well.

True to its name, this wallet offers a very slim profile. My son often carries this wallet in his front pocket as well as letting it reside comfortably in a rear pocket on occasion.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been a fan of a wallet sitting on a countertop that looks all swelled up and overstuffed. The natural tendency of the Madison wallet’s design keeps it closed and maintains a natural profile – even when you have it at maximum capacity.



When you feast your eyes upon this slim little wallet, it becomes immediately apparent that it has been crafted with passion. It’s expertly cut, trimmed and sewn. Attention to detail is a priority and it is apparent from every angle when viewing this wallet.

When you pick it up, the feel and texture of the full grain leather adds tactile confirmation of Waskerd’s dedication to quality.


This little wallet catches people’s eyes too. My son has received multiple comments on the look and design of the Madison 3-Pocket Slim Wallet. When cashiers or wait staff notice a wallet (they see dozens upon dozens of them everyday) and they comment on it – that speaks volumes about it.

Waskerd’s stitched logo is also nice, eye-catching component that gets commented upon frequently. The stitched logo is a nice touch and is certainly a unique hallmark for the brand.



The Waskerd Madison 3-Pocket Slim Wallet is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a wallet that can be carried in casual or semi-formal situations where you want the option of carrying it in a front or rear pocket. It’s solidly crafted, by hand, using top quality materials, and will endure for decades while maintaining a great look and feel. At $75, it’s a great purchase. Along with the Madison 3-Pocket Slim Wallet, Derek also has several other wallet designs. Be sure to check them all out on the Waskerd website.


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