United States Hide, Skin, and Leather Association

At BestLeather we’re always researching and attempting to learn more about leather, leather crafting, and everything associated with the industry. Recently we stumbled upon the website for the United States Hide, Skin, and Leather Association.

The USHSLA is an interesting entity combined of a variety of companies. The video below is a little long (about 15 minutes), but it’s full of interesting, relevant information. It contains a lot of great information about the entire process of creating high quality leather.

*Warning – there are a few clips in the video showing beef carcasses being processed. While we all understand where leather comes from, some may be uncomfortable viewing those clips.

It’s a helpful video to better understand just what is involved in the leather hides that you select from Horween, Wickett & Craig, Seidel, Hermann Oak, S.B. Foot, etc. It’s quite a process and an important part of the process that yields the beautiful leather bags, footwear, jackets, and other products that all of us find beneficial and enjoy.

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