North Star Leather Horween iPhone 6 Card Sleeve Review – $40

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A couple months back I broke my brand new iPhone 6. It was my last day at a job and I was helping a customer out by looking something up for them. In their excited gratitude, they accidently smacked my phone out of my hand and shattered the screen. Since then, I have always kept a leather sleeve or plastic case on my phone. The North Star Horween iPhone 6 Card Sleeve has proven to be an excellent choice to protect my precious iPhone 6.

North Star Leather Horween iPhone 6 Card Sleeve


Michael Batson, son of Steve Batson, said, “My dad started North Star Leather in 1969 doing street vending in Boston (fringe belts, floppy hats, and other “hippy” items). Little by little he grew the company and eventually moved to the rural south; the small town of Ruby, SC, population 354. That was more than 35 years ago and we’ve been making quality leather accessories here ever since. We have 15 employees (4 of whom are family) and are proud to have been able to keep making our products here in the USA without ever considering outsourcing production to cheaper countries.” This is another great example of a company who started years ago, building themselves up to be a successful craft leather company.

North Star Leather Horween iPhone 6 Card Sleeve

For more information on the North Star Leather company, head on over to their About Us page, you’ll find their lifetime warranty information, a little more company information, and several testimonials from North Star Leather’s customers.


As you can tell from the title, this iPhone sleeve is constructed using Horween Chromexcel leather. The leather is stitched with heavy-duty contrast stitching, giving the flexible leather a nice sturdy feeling. Measuring 5.9” long by 3.6” wide, the iPhone sleeve snugly fits a caseless iPhone 6. North Star Leather has added a simple card pouch on the exterior of the sleeve, which adds only a minor amount of heft to its construction.

North Star Leather Horween iPhone 6 Card Sleeve

North Star Leather Horween iPhone 6 Card Sleeve

Function and Aesthetic

The iPhone 6 sleeve has performed flawlessly. I usually am wary of some leather sleeves because they will be too loose and allow the iPhone to slide out. This is not the case with North Star’s version. The sleeve is slender enough to put in your front or back pocket comfortably. There is plenty of room in the card pocket for several cards and a few bills. If all you need are your driver’s license, credit card, and some cash, this iPhone 6 card sleeve will hold it all.

The leather has already started to develop a nice patina from everyday use. It will continue to scratch and mark up becoming a very broken in, full of character leather accessory. The Horween Chromexcel leather in natural color provides a nice, classic look. The North Star Leather Horween iPhone 6 Card sleeve does come in several colors: Red/brown, natural, russet, and black. Each color will develop the desired patina overtime.

North Star Leather Horween iPhone 6 Card Sleeve

North Star Leather Horween iPhone 6 Card Sleeve


The North Star iPhone 6 Card Sleeve has been an excellent product. Like the Horween wallet we reviewed a while back, North Star has kept the price relatively low. They have succeeded in providing high-quality leather products for a manageable price. At $40, North Star’s leather sleeve is an appropriate choice to protect your expensive iPhone 6, especially if you are on a tight budget.

North Star Leather Horween iPhone 6 Card Sleeve


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