Marlondo Leather Smartphone Wallet Review

Ma Londo, owner and proprietor of Marlondo Leather, is kind of an enigma. He burst onto the leather working scene a couple years back with some very cool and interesting takes on (what has become) the standard leather briefcase styles, and he also designed some smaller pieces like Dopp kits, belts, and wallets.

And then . . . Poof!

He was gone.  His website was taken down, there were communication difficulties, and all that was left were some very loyal fans and some really great leather pieces.

But now, he is back–with a streamlined operation, an Amazon storefront, and some new designs like this nifty little phone sleeve/card case.

Construction, Aesthetic, and Use

It is a pretty simple design–just a single piece of leather that is lined in pigskin, folded in half, sewn together, and then reinforced with rivets.  There is a second piece of leather attached to one side that will fit two or possibly three cards.

The sleeve is not specifically created for an iPhone, but its occupant definitely needs to be approximately iPhone sized.  I tried to squeeze my HTC One X+, which is slightly wider and taller than my iPhone, to no avail.11

The sleeve is great for a night out, or for traveling very light.  It will only hold your essentials–phone, ID, and a single credit or debit card–so it might not be suitable to be your everyday carry, unless you are very organized.  Challenge accepted?

To order something from Ma, check out his website here, choose one of his current designs, or talk to him about creating something specific to you.

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