Holdster Model 05: XL Holdster Review – $34.99

You were recently introduced to the Holdster Model 01, the first of the awesome koozies for all you drinkers out there – amateur or professional, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Well in case you thought to yourself, “Man, I could really use a bigger drink,” there’s a Holdster especially made for you. Introducing the Holdster Model 05: XL Holdster.



The Holdster Model 05 is the big brother of the Holdster Model 01. This big hunk of leather and glass is made of the same single piece of thick full-grain vegetable-tanned leather from Hermann Oak or Chahin Tannery in the 01 and still designed to fit perfectly around a Ball or Mason jar. This model design uses bombproof copper rivets instead of nylon stitching to close the ends. The result is a super strong closure ready to withstand the strongest grip. I wouldn’t test the “bombproof”-ness of the koozie though. After all, the glass will shatter before you can really test the leather. The brand logo is similarly debossed at the bottom of the koozie and absolutely every piece of this product, including the jar, is purchased and put together in the United States.




Passed the “sniff” test.



The XL next to its little brother, the Holdster Model 01


Holdster = Koozie + Ball Jar. Only this time, the Ball jar is a whopping 24oz. That’s a pint and a half for you beer drinkers and 50% larger for you math folk. This means more drink and more fun for everyone. Once again, this Holdster doesn’t have to be used for drinking. Here’s some more ideas since the last review. Raise a Betta. Catch some frogs. Make instant ramen. Swap out the lid and make a soap dispenser. Make a scented candle. Use a bunch of them, put in some electrical wires and sockets, and make a hanging Holdster chandlier. Really, the possibilities are endless.


Easy to clean.



Although the cross stitching is my favorite design of the Holdster styles, the handmade copper rivets add a sense of toughness to this koozie which works well with the larger jar. That being said, the koozie is not perfectly smooth all around the jar because there has to be some overlap of the leather by design to rivet it together. The step-off is significantly reduced by the fact that the overlapped leather portion is tapered down. It is still a handsome holder by any means which will make its owner proud.




The Holdster Model 05: XL Holdster is $34.99 on the HoldsterUSA website. Environmentally friendly, made in the USA, full-grain leather, copper, and glass wrapped around your favorite drink. What’s not to love?

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