Buy It For Life – Part Two: Aesthetics

Beauty is another hallmark of quality. Consider when you are shopping for a great pair of leather shoes. What is the first thing you notice in a quality pair of shoes – they look beautiful.

Italian shoes especially have a noticeable sveltness due to the blake sole method. You do not immediately notice the durability, because that takes time to determine, but you do notice how beautiful the items looks. A leather bag that is a piece of junk may look fantastic upon first glance, but upon further inspection (or ownership) it’s true cheapness is discovered.

What Is Quality - A Treatise02

Can a high quality pair of leather shoes or finely made leather gloves look terrible? I do not think so. Inherent in a quality product is pleasing aesthetics. Have you ever purchased a high quality leather bag and realized that you have a hard time peeling your eyes from it? When I purchased one of my first high quality leather products, an iPad sleeve, I had a hard time not staring at it. It was beautiful. The color of the leather. The perfect stitching. The clean cuts. Perhaps I was a little obsessed, but the point is that an inherent quality of the sleeve was it’s aesthetics. A crappy product may look good, but a quality product never looks poor. Similarly, a quality product not only looks like it’s quality, but functions like it too.

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