Waxhaws Leather Co. Key Case Review – $42

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Waxhaws Leather Company is a young company dedicated to producing classic and timeless full-grain leather pieces. Made of the same leather as the Waxhaws Leather Co. iPhone 5 Signature Design Wallet, the Waxhaws Leather Co. Key Case is personally designed by John Fred using Italian full grain vegetable-tanned English bridle leather carefully selected for its ability to patina and burnish gracefully.


Each product arrives in a handsome gift box.


This minimalistic key case is created with durability and practicality in mind. It is comprised of a single piece of full-grain leather folded and stitched together with a looped cotton cord through the top – simple yet tough.



Unlike your standard key case with built-in key holders, this case is created as an accessory to your own keychain. Simply attach your keychain to the inside loop. When you want to cover your keys, pull the cord tight on the outside and your keys will be brought into their protective leather case. This is particularly useful in situations where you don’t want your keys jingling in your pocket or showing through your pants and ruining your sophisticated look. Most importantly, this prevents scratches to your mobile devices or in my case, a brand new leather iPhone case that had already received a large scratch from being kept next to my keys (ARGH).


Attach keys to inside loop


Pull up on the outer loop to bring the keys inside.

One obvious downside to this case is the additional bulk to your keychain and an extra step when using your keys. Fortunately, this case can be easily slipped off in situations when you want to minimize your pocket fill or don’t care about protecting your pocket contents.


The key case arrives in the signature Waxhaws gift box. Holding the soft yet tough leather, it is immediately obvious that it is made from the same quality leather used in all Waxhaws goods. The design is simple to minimize bulk and maximize utility but lightly accented with rounded and geometric corners and the debossed Waxhaws logo. In the whiskey color, it looks rich and classic.



The Waxhaws Leather Co. Key Case is sold on the Waxhaws, Amazon, and Etsy websites. At $42.00 it is moderately priced and may not be a must-buy for everyone. It is otherwise perfect as a unique gift for those with discerning tastes in leather and a smart investment for anyone looking to protect their valuables from their keys.


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7 Comments on "Waxhaws Leather Co. Key Case Review – $42"

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Greg Haney

Yeah, might be nice for people with a small set of keys, but living in an apartment building I have a building key, garage key, mailbox key, and apartment door key. These, combined with my car fob shown below, wouldn’t fit in this. Also, why are vehicle fobs getting bigger? Half the time I feel there is a tv remote jammed in my pocket…


Holy key fob! You need a holster for that bad boy.

Johnson Lee
Yea that is a pretty large key fob but I think it would still fit. The last photo is of the key case carrying my entire keychain including 1) building key 2) apartment door key 3) mailbox key 4) gym card 5) car key 6) alarm/remote fob 7) and a separate large industrial office key. The key case covers the entire thing, not even a little bit is exposed. If your car fob is a combination key/alarm/remote, then that already cuts down on the clutter. There is a video on the waxhaws website which shows a large Jeep key fitting… Read more »
Greg Haney

Based on your reply, I bought it. No way in Hades is it big enough. Very disappointed and returning.

Johnson Lee

Boy was I totally wrong. That is one big key fob. The only other option might be just to attach the key fob to the outer loop and the rest of the keys on the inner loop. The key fob is smooth and round so hopefully it shouldn’t do any major damage to anything in your pocket regardless.

Greg Haney

We’re like minded sir. After playing around with it frustrated for a while, that’s the same idea I came to. The result isn’t perfect, but attaching the fob on the other end at least protects the keys.

It’s interesting, with the fob being so heavy/large and the pulled string of the pouch so long, I’m pretty much carrying a bola weapon.

Greg Haney

And here’s a picture of the product fail.