This Man Wanted A Successor For His Custom Boot Company So He Offered To Teach The Buyer Everything He Knows

This is a fascinating story. George ran a custom boot making company in Harper, Oregon and he wanted to pass his trade on to someone that will do his legacy justice. What is interesting to me about this is that he even needed to make a video (which was quite beautiful) and put the word out that he is willing to train. How lazy and inept does our culture need to be that it is this hard to find an apprentice?

It would take a long time to develop those skills on your own and here George offered to train someone to take over his business when they buy it.

Thankfully a buyer has been found. We reached out to Bowen Ames who was the art director on the project and he told us that while a good buyer has been found they are keeping their information anonymous until the sale is completed.

We have reached out to George to learn more about his company and to hopefully assist him in finding a suitable successor.

Photo credit goes to Neil Dacosta.

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  1. it wasn’t just about finding an apprentice, i am guessing that he wanted/needed someone who had several hundred thousand dollars to purchase the shop.

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