Wilsons Leather Contemporary Lamb Topper Coat Review – $569.99

Looking good is the last thing on your mind when it’s freezing out and you can’t feel your fingers and toes.  If you’ve lived in the northern tier of the continental United States, you have an acute understanding of the meaning of the word “winter”.  As we get further into December and closer to the New Year, I’m pretty ecstatic that Wilsons Leather asked me to review their Contemporary Lamb Topper Coat. …


Wilsons Leather Roma Leather Tote w/Bar Review – $179.99

As an admirer of all things leather, I can appreciate the value in a quality leather product even when I see the product is intended for a different audience.  I’m also someone who values the contentedness of a happy home.  Thus, when given the opportunity to review the Wilsons Leather Roma Leather Tote, my wife was ecstatic, and I was grateful for the chance.

As an expert in all things fashion, specifically purses and shoes, …


Wilsons Leather Dark Rugged Double Gusset Brief Review- $249.99

If looks were everything, there would be no question about picking up Wilsons Leather Dark Rugged Double Gusset Brief. Dark leather, contrast stitching, and antiqued brass combine to give this bag an appeal that is universal to the modern business world.

Wilsons offers the brief as a lightweight bag to hold your laptop, tablet, and office accessories. With the aesthetic appeal of the bag being obvious upon inspection, the question is whether or not the …


Wilsons Leather Black Rivet Distressed Leather Moto Jacket Review – $319.99

As a young boy of eleven, I was first introduced to the MacGyver television series right about the time the Nintendo Entertainment System was released in America.  Splitting my time between my two new loves, I noticed that  during the show, MacGyver had a habit of wearing a brown distressed leather jacket.

I was rather pleased when asked to review the Wilsons Leather Black Rivet Distressed Leather Moto Jacket, as it immediately reminded me of …


Wilsons Leather Black Rivet Distressed Leather Duffel Review – $350

You travel the world, making your mark wherever you go. You look good. Is that enough, or do you want to look damn good? As I wrapped my hands around the handle of the Wilson Black Rivet Distressed Leather Duffel, I had answered my own question. The genuine leather exterior with contrast stitching, accented by distressed metal hardware had me looking for an excuse to plan my next overnight business trip….