The Strap Smith’s Italian Vintage Style Watch Strap Review – $189

So you got yourself that fancy watch you have always wanted. As time goes on, you wonder what could you do to make it just a little more special. Unfortunately, the majority of wristwatches that do not come on metal bracelets are accompanied by leather straps that don’t speak to the quality of the watch they are securing. Getting a custom band can quickly remedy this problem by making that watch look like a million….

Greg Stevens Design Custom Watch Strap Review – $175

If you are looking to buy a custom made leather watchband, you should look at Greg Stevens Design.  The various leathers and styles are impressive, as is the attention to quality, detail, and customer service. Whether a Rolex, Panerai or just your favorite Timex, Greg Stevens Design watch straps can really make a statement and compliment a timepiece.

I was looking for a strap to give a …


Custom Leather Work – A Few Thoughts On Getting Your Desired Product

Recently I had a custom leather strap made for my favorite Seiko 007 automatic (which is a rock solid tank, I might add). I’m not that happy with it and some of that is my fault, so here’s some thoughts on custom leather work to prevent making my same mistakes and being unhappy.
I don’t plan to complain because I don’t think it will be helpful for this particular proprieter. Some people welcome constructive criticism …