Waskerd Brea Zipper Wallet Review — $115

You know how they say the best chefs don’t just pay attention to taste but also to presentation? When my Waskerd Brea Zipper Wallet arrived in the mail, my mind went straight to those masterful chefs. Right away, the extreme attention to detail impressed me—the personalized note, the way it was wrapped as a gift in a colorful cloth and string, even the business card made of leather. The wallet itself just continued this same …

Waskerd Small Tote Bag Review – $195

Tote bags are like the SUVs of the leather bag world. You can haul just about anything imaginable in a tote – and they’re made in every conceivable size, color, and style.

About Waskerd
If you use the Search feature for Waskerd here on the BestLeather website, you’ll discover that we’ve reviewed quite a few different pieces for Derek Shaw, owner of Waskerd.

This is the second piece from …

Waskerd Madison 3-Pocket Slim Wallet – $75

The Waskerd Madison 3-Pocket Slim Wallet arrived at my doorstep about mid-September. After opening up the attractive packaging and inspecting this fine looking, well-put-together wallet, it was quickly “claimed” by my oldest son. It’s a tough crowd here in my house when it comes to leather products. My crew sees a lot of leather come through and when they jump on something, it means it’s a good piece.

Waskerd Slim Strayer Wallet Review – $55

As time progresses it seems that many of the materials and skills that our ancestors used are falling away. Of course they are replaced with more easily produced, less expensive products and materials. We could assume that this is better, but Waskerd has a different philosophy. They make all of their products by hand, and all their materials are from the US. It’s a throwback to the days when most of what you owned was …